Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wedded Bliss!

My sister got married (yesterday)
Dec. 30th 2011
It was Cold and windy at the temple but BEAUTIFUL!

This isn't the best picture...but I only took a few
 and then decided that I'd let the professionals
do the people shots! Plus my hands...frozen!

Center Pieces!

Treats before the table was stuffed full of yummies!

Random decor and the yummy hot coco bar!!

The candy bar (buffet). And yes it was an
open bar! Woot! Notice the peach rings!
My personal favorite!

The candy bar was done by

The Candy Orchard

Lauren Orchard
Her and her mom couldn't have been nicer!

Remember the doors I got at a yard sale for a dollar each.
 They turned into a darling aqua backdrop.
They made the wedding dress really stand out against the pretty
blue green!

A little sitting area w/ frames hung w/ command strips!
Love those things! 

Card cage! Yes we put the cards behind bars!!
No sticky fingers here!

The area before the big band showed up!

Yep I "wrapped " the tithing box". To bad someone tore
it down after the shin dig! Polka dots would make paying
tithing so much more fun!

Guest book/Poster.

Amazing quirky LDS church in the avenues!

Front door!

Never seen an entrance to a gym like this!!

Looking into the gym from the front hall!

There were two of these faces on either side of the
stage. I think plaster!

He doesn't look to happy! Poor fella!

Looking across gym!

Wedding cake!

We had so much fun!
Nothing like good food, good friends,
good music and
awesome decor!!

Things to remember:

*Decorating the wedding car w/ a five year old,
a 9 year old and a 7 year old was my favorite part of the night!
(little children live in the excitement of the moment)
They almost sparkled w/ happiness!
*My sister Harmony likes everyone!
*People who helped clean up after the wedding w/
out being asked! A GODSEND! (Kaelin's and Ely's)
*Congrats to my BESTIE Risa! I love her even if
I never see her!
*People who are talented and are willing to share!
 Erik Mckay you rock!
*Halli having enough wedding for a moment finding a couch
and reading a book, till she caught her second wind!
*TJ the most agreeable brother in law in the world! He couldn't be kinder!
*Zoey drawing a bridge on the get
away car and hope'n "Drew really likes it"!
*The Avenues! Couldn't be cuter!
* Seeing true friends come to celebrate..loved!
*It was a warm 55 in the valley and FREEZING at the temple!
*The peace @ the temple.
*When things are HARD kind words matter!
* Hearing for the millionth time how HOT my 6 month preggo
sister is. Not feel'n a tiny bit bad because she looked sizzle'n!
*My sister in law Leslie broke a tooth at the candy bar!
*My cousin Jenny stood up and belted out a song at the end of the whole gig!

Happy Wedded Bliss Ba ba!


Callie said...

Everything looked so cute! You sisters should open up a decorating business. Seriously well done and congrats Elba!

Hippy said...

You're the best. <3

Harmony said...

Can I get your card?!