Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been fighting the head cold of death! I woke up earrrly this morning and just laid there. (Not like me at all) I had an early morning training far from home and then had a long shift to work. It almost killed me! I however had this CD in my car! It made me smile and think the whole ride.

Most LDS self help books and CDs make me gag a little. It just seems "so perfect"! This CD/book is just silly and eye opening...and testimony building. Can't do a lot? Do a little and than a little more and gosh you'll be ok..kinda attitude.

Really if you can get the book on CD. If you can't do the MP3. If all else fails read the book!! It will make you better.and who dosen't like better?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin Pie!!

I made another pumpkin book. I have some hints on making it easier!
Just trim the corners of the book to make the pumpkin. It is loads easier and is much taller and honestly less hand cramps! Cut a cut funky "stem" it adds so much personality!!!


I am not really a rose girl...but when beauty is so
 inexpensive ya just have to take a hold of
 it and relish in it!!
 Long stem roses 3.99 a dozen @ NPS

*I have a head cold and it is killing me!!
*I have been die'n w/ out the ability to blog! (computer down)
*Bad dreams that stick w/ you all day are so un-cool!!
*So sad the peach season is over!
*I love this cool fall weather!!
** I ran in to some polygamist "sister wives" this week. Not "The Sister Wives"! Just some sweet ladies buying loads of food in bulk.  When I see them I want to talk to them. Buy them lunch and just visit. I don't know what I'd say or do but I'd love insights into their lives!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Fall!!

The computer is again sick!! Sigh...
I have lots to report! A back log of projects, yard sale finds...
and funny life stories! Soak in the sun cuz the big chill is come'n!!

Happy Fall!
I'll be back up and going again soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red Shoes

Ya see these I wantem!! My Target is ALL out of RED!!
If you see them in a size 10 (I know...I know..)
get them for me and I'll totally pay ya back!!
Every girl needsa bit of Dorothy in her life!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday was a busy day! While teaching my DARLING primary class about the importance of temples, I handed out blobs of clay to each child. I ask each child to mold a tiny temple out of the soft pink dough. With a total look of horror on his face little Robert looked at me and said "I can't make that 'gold guy'!! So funny! He made everything but the 'gold guy' and I let him pass!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yard Sales and The Great Pumpkin!!

We had so much rain last night and this morning! Lots!
 It even thundered and lightninged! Craziness!
 But our earth drake in right in a sighed a great sigh!

You know what else is crazy? People still had YARD SALES!! Craziness! I did a few drive bys and popped in to a few place...but I mostly just headed up to the Presbyterian Thrift Store. They are sure not to disappoint!!

Here is the booty:

I love twine! I love it in color even better. I love vintage twine triple time!
It is SO cute to tie Christmas gifts or anything really! 

Did you see the book in the top picture w/ the cover torn off?
This is what I made!

Not bad for 50 cents!

Happy Fall!

Hey ladies here is the link AGAIN
 Pop back and post your linc when you get them done!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I wanta..

I need onea these!! Good thing the Presbyterian Thrift Store
 will be up and running tomorrow!! They have CHEAP books!!

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've got the whole WORLD in my hands...

I been wanting a teeny tiny vintage glob for awhile.

Isn't she perfectly aqua? 

Bad news though she isn't vintage! She has a bar code on her bottom.
But I'm not tellin if your not!

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A secret and a sneek peek!!

I have a problem!! I'll be the first to admit it! I can't even look at a can of spray paint w/ out getting a lot on me. I often have to hold my projects to get just the right coverage...that leaves a lotta over spray on my hands. Enter Goop hand clean!! It is fab...and removes the spray paint like magic! I got it on a lark at Walmart for less then 3.00.  P.s. It works on laundry stains too!!

Isn't everything better primed??

Happy Summer!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I spy....

Look who I saw looking back at me a few days ago.
This lady and her sister. (Her sister didn't come home w/ me.)

I am sure she spent her life on either side of a fireplace as a built in!

Lovely vintage knobs!

Lovely leaded details!

Beautiful ORANGE pine plywood...that has already been lovingly primed! 

Really what a beauty! 

We Remember!

To all those who died
and those who lived
and all those who remember! God bless!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Look who I ran into the other day! For less then a British pound too!!
Yeah you should be green w/ envy! So cute!!

*Good friends are friends forever!
*Library fines are very upsetting and are dumb!
*The AC froze up at work and I almost died!

Monday, September 5, 2011

R you sure!!

I bought a roll of stick on privacy film at the thrift store. It is so fun! Not only does it add privacy to any also can add an etched effect to any little glass surface!! Do I need another "R" in my life? (My last name starts w/ "R")  Not really but I love the custom etched look of this stuff. Don't think for a minute that I haven't also cuta few birds out too! Cute!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Coming face to face w/ the past!

Yesterday I had to take one of the girl (from the group home) to an appointment.
 Little did I know I'd be running into and having a throw down w/ one of my ex-boss. It was crazy!!
 I was sweaty and my knees felt like jello and I felt like I might puke.

I can do hard things!!
Though I might just puke doing it!!

A spoon fulla sugar!!

Today upon arriving at work I remembered that two of the girls from the group home attended Marry Poppins off Broadway play last night (Jealous!). I broke in the song..."Just a soon fulla sugar..." Later I asked Steph "Am I the best singer you have ever heard?" She quickly replied...NO! You are just really LOUD!