Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 Today I took out the trash at work.
We have had crazy amounts of wind. Scary wild gale force winds.
 The wind blew up the trash can lid and it hit me in the face,
 broke my glasses and gave me a killer headache.
It was the first time I remember seeing stars.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tiny trees in a jar!

I am swoony about tiny pines in little jars! Cheap and darling!
A perfect duo! (Walmart has large packages of trees on Christmas clearance!)
*I love free stuff!
*My nephew happily introduced me to his grandma this week.
It was so gosh darn cute! (I see her almost weekly)
*While attending a family party my cousin asked me
the name of the child I was holding...and I couldn't think of his name for
a good five minutes. So random and so embarrassing!!
*This winter has been delishishly warm. Now it is sadly cold!
*I have the most random array of stuff in my car at any given moment!
*My nieces are getting old and it makes me sad!
*Employees who "call on" bad guys at Subway are so uncool!
*Waste is sickening!
*Today is my nephews happy second birthday! Wouldn't live
w/ out that happy little fella!!
*I love when all my wash is clean, but sadly it only lasts for hour!
 Merry Christmas and Happiest of new years!
No Really!!

A home w/ a view!

My brothers home is growing daily!

The best part is the views!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bag it!!

I love the lime green purse I have now!
I get at least a compliment a week on
that sweet baby! Sadly she is looking shabby! 
I found this duo for 3.50.
I love me a brand new leather
wallet. I love that it was fifty cents!
This purse is high end and just the right size.
I love that it is heavy duty
for all my crazy adventures!

It turned out!!!

My sister and I were talking about how not everything we
try to make or remake turns out.
Some times we get lucky and things turn out!!
I feel that way about this little darling!
We also talked about the masses of people
online right now begging for Christmas help
for their small families! How sad that they don't
realize that they can help themselves w/ a little
planning and a little elbow grease!
This item below is for my sweet Nephew.
I touched up something's and removed a few things
and added some cuteness (The "n" for his last name) and I know he will be please
as punch w/ this FIVE dollar purchase! DI is bursting at
the seams right now w/ lovely Christmas toys (ect) that
w/ a little love would make any child happy!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


What I learned out the soup kitchen tonight.
*Some people take their job to seriously.
*There are good people no matter where you look.
*Some Santa's are better then others!
*If people offer to help...let them.
*How come the vegetarian always
ends up serving Turkey?
*Hair nets are nasty!!
*I am BIG into presentation
even if no one else cares!
*There are sweet humble kids in the world.
Everyone doing there part equals Success!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Room in the INN!

Our new tiny town got a new little INN!
Whether we needed it or not!
It is beautiful!
Come and visit!



This book was super profound to me.
I identified w/ the young girl and
her older friend and the life lessens
they shared!
(Sexually violent 2 pages)
Totally worth a read!
It will change you too!