Saturday, March 30, 2013

Die Son!!

What does this:

And this mean?

My sister got a 20 dollar thrifted Dyson today!
Newly cleaned and airing out!
Who doesn't love a 400.00 vacuum cheap??
Happy Spring Cleaning!

Weigh in!

I love a vintage alarm clock!
I love any vintage furniture!
A vintage scale..swoony!
I bought this darling little "Postal Scale"
at DI yesterday!! I spray painted it a darling blue
color and then lovingly placed some tiny daffodils
on it. OOO I love it!!
Isn't vintage cute!
FYI They still use a tiny scale like this at my post office!

See theses tiny daffies? They always remind me of my sister
She had these lovelies at her wedding!
Every time I see them I think of her.
Happy Anniversary sweet sister!!

Weigh in...what vintage thing do you love?

In a book bind!!

I love a good Pottery Barn Book!
I always buy them when I see them.
If we could all live in a Pottery Barn world!
The book below is one I have brought to work the last few weeks
to read or look at when I have a little down time.
Sadly the cover fell clean off!
It made me so sad. Granted the book cost four dollars, but
I still loved it. I looked online about book repair!
Man it is costly. All the acid free stuff was 3 times the cost of the
book. Sadly I wasn't on board. I thought and thought what I could do
and it dawned on me that linen book tape
looks a lot like First Aid Tape!
I high tailed it to Walmart and found some "athletic tape"
for $ 1.24 and saved my "this week" favorite book!

Sadly the tape isn't acid free and so it will not
last forever...but I think it will last as long as the book is in style!

***Do not use on heirloom or vintage items!!***
Happy Thrifting!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Things!

Nothing makes me as happy as
 seeing good things
happen to good people!!
Congrats Risa!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


The other day I happened on this little number (below)
at an estate sale. I was so cheap I couldn't help but buy it and
peek under it's ugly shell! It was an aqua dream!

I left the top "as is" but painted and "m" in honor of my
cousin's new last name! Getting married in April!
I painted the legs a very similar color! 
Shabbied things up a bit and added a bow or two.
I also added a vintage looking glass M.
(I got a ton of letters at Kohles and think they are DARLING!)

I love this picture...I love a shadow..proof of the sun!

It is always hard to give a unique gift or one from the heart!
If it is unloved rejection is hard!
Wishing someone congratulation on the first "step" of their
new adventure...totally worth it!
*I got lost so many times today it was Laughable! I called my dad
to ask for a way out and he said "look for a cemetery (my auntie lives near one)
I said dad " I don't know if I am even in the right county!!"
Good thing my sister drove alone!
*It snowed!
*Thrift stores are no longer (thrifty)'s lame!
*I don't do retail well! I went to World Market to buy something
fun w/ a gift card. Loved everything but not
enough to buy it so left w/ my gift card in hand
and will be checking in online. Mad House!
*I love a book on tape.
*I have weird dreams!
*Last night I opened a brand new tube of SUPER
glue and the whole thing exploded on my hands
I had only moments to think....and I thought wrong!
*Fashion forward or totally insane? It's a fine line!
Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daffy Dills!

While in the UK I noticed lots of people
buying green onions but I had yet to see one used in
and kind of meal. After awhile I found out
the green onions people were buying were daffodils!
When they are closed and in a bunch they look just like green onions.
I saw a bunch of green onions labeled as daffodils the other day
they made me smile so I brought them home!
Sure enough the next morning they were happy little flowers!

Friday, March 22, 2013


*Today it rained and SNOWED!
*I love a good thrift shop and estate sale.
*The best conversation I have  is w/ a tiny man
who doesn't talk yet! I love you Theodore!
*I have a head ache!
*I love a good nap!
*It thundered so loud the other day it shook the house!
*Suggesting something and then letting
a person decide is hard but it is necessary!
One can never MAKE another
do anything and still be respected!
*My throat hurts often!
*My favorite friend Eli is getting bigger by the day!
* I like to give unique gifts and always HOPE
 they are received well!!
*I saw some of this tonight and LOVED it!
It's Dowton Abby meets Anne of Green Gables!
Everything is better in British!! Heart!
Happy Spring!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Happy First Day of SPRING!!
(To celebrate go pick up a bunch of pre-opened
daffodils at Smiths for 2 dollars! I did!)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Whites Market!!

Who doesn't love a Market?
I love this structure at the State Fair Park!
This building! Grand!

Walking in I felt right at home!
Loved the map of my home state to let me know
I was in "the place"!
Who doesn't love a vintage globe!?
Bikes and globes hung from the ceiling!!

Up coming markets? Yes please!
Love a red and white bunting!!
I love this vintage shopping cart! I love love the fresh flowers!

I think presentation is everything!
Love the sinks!

Fun day was had by all (me)!
Can't wait till next year!
*Hemmed my pants. When all goes well while
sewing it makes one proud!
*Love my new ELF eye liner! LOVE x 10!!
*Almost got knifed while lost in da hood!
*Kissed on and giggled w/ my tiny nephew!
Love that kid!
*I am not a fan of this time change!
*I feel a sore throat coming on!
*I love this weather!!
*Dear daffodils I love you!
*Sadly I hate the chalk makers I have!
Went back to the basics...chalk!
*Cami P. sad I missed your "show"
this weekend!
Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Take it or leave it!

Totally Take it!

I heard some good things about this book!
I read it and I'd LEAVE IT!
It made me think,but it was really depressing!

Take it!!
Elf waterproof eye liner pen!
Love! One dollar @ my Dollar Tree!!
Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

*My nephew mimics his doggie Jones when Jones sings!
*I saw 2 deer joggin down the street yesterday!
*I am not cell phone savvy!
*My sister almost died in a DI stampede yesterday!
*I thought about this thought again today!
 "Never suppress a generous thought” -Camila Kimball
*Yesterday the weather was not so much!
*When I pulled out my necklace for church it had a spider
web on it! Yuck! I pulled it off and went on my way..
At Church a friend extracted a dead spider from
said necklace! YUCK!
*I am most often's genetic!
*I envy my niece Syd's endless energy!
*Life is hard!
*Cookies are yummy!
*Pharmical companies are a rip off!
Happy Spring!!