Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Darling Tooth Fairy Pillows
While laughing at my darling nephew the other day,
my sister pulled back my upper lip and said "YOU HAVE A GRAY TOOTH!"
 I told her that I knew. Sadly I was born in days before white fillings.
 Her answer "Oh!"

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I don't eat meat!

At a party I had this conversation:
Me: Do all the soups have meat in them?
B: Ya I'm sorry! The middle one only has ham though!
Me: Ok thanks! (Thinking what the heck!)
A yummy meal was had by all!!

Witch Witch is Witch?

Last night a few of my very witchy friends gathered around the
cauldron for a little munch and mingle.
Upon entering we chose a name tag to
change our names to something a little more spookie.
As a witch keeping us anonymous is very important!
We'd hate word to get out to our friend and co-workers!
The night was bring your own "Booooo's".
The tables were delightfully set and then
mist and fog made us feel right at home!
Party favors remind us to remain witchy!

Some of the witchy women I know!!
Cackling in the corner!!
Admits our smell making and bat biting
can Glenda the Good Witch popped in for a visit!
Glenda was filled w/ good tidings and happy thought.
We promptly ignored her!
Her happy glow made it impossible to take a good clear

After a heated witchy contest Miss Witch 2013
was selected and awarded. She sat at my table all
night and let me tell you she was a REAL WITCH!!
After that we picked bat bits from our teeth!
Grabbed our brooms and flew to the west to
join our very favorite witch sister!!
Rumor has it that a house landed on her.
True. But she is still a alive and well!
You may know her?
Happy Haloween!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Handsome Little Devil!

*I hate the scary parts of Halloween. Harmony replied after
that statement "Don't be afraid of a little skellie we all have them!"
*It has been unseasonably warm and I have loved it!
*I can't bake well!
I love time Theodore! His costume was to hot so on a whim
he was a tiny devil!! So cute!!
*I told Theodore I loved him and he told me he loved me!!
*I am going to a party tonight...and I don't have anything to do w/ it. I
only have to attend!! Love!!
*I wore flip flops today and yesterday!
*People have lost the skill of introduction!!
*I have done the pumpkin walk...and I am done now!
*Note to self: Never go to Walamrt on a Friday Night!
*A quote from a woman at the group home:
 "Did you know Mexico was not in the United States?"
Me: Yep
Her: Uoh!
*Tiny nephew Eli giggles. So sweet! He can now was too!
*A good nights sleep is a blessing!!
*Love running into long lost friends!!
Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


*I love NPR.
*I hate black heads and zits!
*I love that my nephew Theodore borrowed my
turned off phone today and took lots of pretend pictures of him self!
He'd hold the phone in front of his face and smile really big. LOVE!
*I love that it is sweat shirt weather.
*I love a book on tape.
*I am loving LoLo's book!
*My little sister doggie is sick. It breaks my heart!! Pray for Jones!
*Life is hard and it isn't fair and I hate that!
*I looooove my boiled wool slippers!
*I LOOOOOVE sleeping in!!
*Did you know dogs could take aspirin? They can!
*I know snow is around the corner but I pretend I don't have a clue.
*I love wellies on a tiny!!
*I ate junk food today (much) and my tummy hurts!
*I miss the past often!
*I already bought some Christmas gifts!!
*I am making a witch costume...and then hat..DARLING!!
*Theodore gets more fun each time I find him!
*I love wheat grass real or fake.
*I am totally freaked out by wasps now. I need an epi pen stat!
*Theodore is already really good at sound effects!
*I was talking to my niece about her up coming vacation. She stated they'd be staying
in a hotel. I asked her if her family snored. She said they did. I asked how she could handle it.
She said "Well we'll all be asleep!"
Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Book Report!

I love junk!! This book is chuck full!!

Last book (Matthew did) not so great..so so at best!! This one...

I am only 1/2 way through this baby!
It reminds me of Nie Nie book!
Interesting and make ya think.
Happy Fall!!

Monday, October 14, 2013


I like Jerusalem's blog!! She is fun an quirky and has a fantastic name!
I couldn't wait to get my hot little hands on her book.
I did and I was a little disappointed! I wanted it to be page after page of BEAUTY
it sadly full of WORDS!! Words are nice but not when you have
sucha a colorful and quirky life to share.
I requested it at my local library so you can be next in line. Just
remember it is very wordie!!

Women Unite!

I am on the board for this fun upcoming event!
Come support and enjoy!!
Melissa from Hollyhocks and Honeybees will be there.
As will The Six Sisters!
*Remember how I taught a class about how to make book pumpkins?
Well FOURTY people showed up. I ran out of supplies but fun was had by all!!
*My tiny nephew can talk...it just makes him that much more fun!
*How do the people who work at Pottery Barn know I am cheap..and never ask to help me?
*If I was Bob Ross I would have painted the canyon I saw this morning!! Love er ly!!
*Shopping retail makes me brake out in hives!!
*Life is hard everyday and people are mean!
*Always love to dine w/ Risa and her tiny!! ALWAYS!
Happy Fall!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Wouldn't Waffle be a cute name for a dog? I think so too!
This week I went to a class all about fun waffles.
They had samples!
I could of died when I tried the gingerbread waffle!
Swoonie! Go head and make em!
Don't forget the buttermilk syrup! No really!!! Don't!
P.S. I feel bad Zoe my 5 year old friend can spell "recipe" but I can't!
She is my hero!


*My tiny nephew says "Bubbles" and it melts my ever love'n heart!
*My friend has a top notch porch! People stop by and take pictures!
She thinks them weird...I told her I am one of those people!!
If people loved my porch that much, I'd put on a cute outfit and
sit on my porch all the live long day, waiting for my picture to be taken.
*I met a little man this weekend (3) he is deaf from birth.
We signed to each other and I used all the signs my tiny nephew (1.5)
taught me. We both were delighted!
*I meet a little Hispanic lady in the store this weekend. She couldn't have been
more then 3. She explained to be about her darling backpack a million
miles a minute in another language. I replied in my own tongue telling her how
cute it was and such a super buy. We both went on our way knowing exactly what the other
was saying and rather please w/ ourselves!  
*It is frustrating when things brake. No one wants something to brake on their time
alas they do. I always try to remember things can be replaced and "People
 are always more important than things!!" Always!
*I have such a hard time sitting still and listening to General Conference! Sadly!
*Anything drunk through a straw tastes better!
Happy Fall!!

Book Pumpkin Class!

I love a quick easy project that adds a lota punch!
If you're local join me
this Weds 10/9 at 7:00 to make these little
lovelies at the local library!
Bring a sharp pair of scissors and a friend!
There is no cost!! I LOVE FREE!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I have TMJ!

 I have TMJ! It means my whole face is in pain!
The pain comes from my jaw.
I think it has a lot to do w/ the wasp bite and
a little dental work I had done.
It hurts to be alive!!
Here is to hope'n my 200 dollar appointment w/ a "specialist"
tomorrow works magic for me!!
Pray for me!!