Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Today all three classes at church were on being happy!
All the lessons were profound, deep and soul searching!
Often I find lessons on happiness to be skin deep,
all the church answers and given w/ fake smiles on
faces and everyone nodding. Not today. Truths were told, "I'm sorry"
spoken and deep thoughts expressed. It was much needed!
I feel compelled to express some of my happiness's!!
*The nephew's!
*The nieces!
*My love of creating!
*My ability for seeing good in JUNK!
*My love of a good book!
*My love of children!
*Air conditioning!
*A good nights sleep!
*My cheapness!
What makes you happy!?


Things I love about my best friend Theodore:
*When he runs his cheeks giggle.
*He says "Ish Ish!"
*He has a sign language all this own!
*He can not hold still.
*He only stands while in the bath tub!
*He loves his pets!
*He loves to drink from a straw!
*He eats slow just like his mommy!
*He crosses his feet while in his high chair or stroller!
*He gets smarter everyday!
*He knows more then we think he does!
*He knows sign language!
*His teethie grin kills me!
*He loves water, but isn't to fond of swimming lessons!
*He loves to look at people and things!
*Anything is a toy that he throws!
*He has the cutest bottom!
*He can take a milk brake at any given moment!
*He can play peek a boo w/ the best of em!
*His skin is so soft!!
*When his mommy is in the bathroom he will
knock and knock till she comes out!
*He points and looks up when he hears a plane.
*He points at lots of things!
*He slaps his ears often. It is a sign of his own making and only he knows
the meaning!
Love you Fodie!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yes I do!!

I want some of these!
I do not know why!
I just do!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shabby Flag!

My friend Erin has me thinking in pallets!
I love this pallet flag!!
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Today Erin (my friend) and I talked about
a mini porch make over!!
So fun and oh so sassy for summer!

(Sadly when I pull pictures from online
they have weird spaces between them. Pretend they don't!)
For starters lets wish a vibrant font door on the lady!!
Aqua Maybe?
Lime Green like Design Mom?
A red mail box?
Painted Porch?

Love the stripes and door color!!
I love a checkered floor! LOVE!
Red Adirondack chairs?
Painted cheap rug!!
And for good measure a PORCH SWING!!
Art? Yes Please!
Super Large Address?
Happy Summer!

Home Tour!!!

My tiny home town had a home tour! It was swoony!
This home was a GEM!
Sadly my photo taking skills didn't shine this evening!
Darling mantel!
This chandelier is original to the home.
I love that window bench too!
Creative corner!

Tiny's room!

What a darling home and what a great eye for style and design!!
Happy Summer!


Poppies remind me of my childhood
and the wonder that was my neighbors yard!
I happened here the other day!
See that tiny blue speck on the right of the poppies?

It was a man an his easel.
He was quietly paining the beauty!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


*Today I went to see the chiropractor for the first time!
The sound keeps echoing in my mind! Bleck!
*I love to paint!
*We have had Oregon Coast weather today
and it has been heaven!!
*My car is perma dirty on the outside.
*I loved when my two tiny friends saw me at the store and
took photos of my w/ cameras 2/ no film!
*Happy Birthday to Grandma Lora tomorrow!
Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


*I loved seeing the streets lined w/ the flag on flag day!
*I loved the jacket weather!
*I taught Theodore to fake snore!
*Eli sprays so bad when he sneezes!
*My neck is still killing me!
** Wave** to the little girl (3ish) who gave her dad the peace
sign while singing to him in church on the stand!
*My car needs an oil change again!
*I got my "toes done" the other day and
it's been so cool I haven't been able to show em off!
*How does one know if one needs a chiropractor or a massage?
*I have no idea what Theodore signs sometimes!
He was telling me he wanted water
I thought he was wave'n bye to his mom and slapping his cheek!
*While on a walk tonight a little girl (3ish) ran to pet Lucy the dog.
She told me thanks and let me know she'd invite me to her birthday party!
I have never seen her in my life, but I am sure we could be fast friends!
*I have had a perma head ache all day!
*I need a hair cut crazy bad but my style-ist has moved! BLAH!
*Theodore will tell Jones the dog to leave the chicken's alone
w/ the right inflection but in his own language!
*I wonder about people who buy LARGE shopping carts of
items at thrift stores. Where do they put it all?
*Getting in a hot car after it has sat in the sun...KILLER!
*Sometimes primer is more then the furniture!
Happy Summer!

Mirror, Mirror.

It breaks my heart to hear my elderly neighbor (100) express the
hardship of going blind. It makes me giggle when she comments on
how nice I look each time, before I leave!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Today while shopping I saw an over heard a SUPER funny
conversation. A little boy look at a very loud and
very opinionated Asian woman, and w/ LARGE eyes stated.
"I saw you on TV!" The woman ask "Why I on TV!"
The little boy stated that "The cops caught you and put you in jail!"
The woman stated That wasn't me. The little boy assured her it sure as heck was her
and he new it! Sadly it was my turn to check out and I missed the rest of
the show but it was so funny!! I hope that kid never
sees me on TV!! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's called perma dirt people!!

I picked up this darling the other day! (I paid for it)
It is so nasty and so dirty!
I love the little wooden handle!
She had a wild past life and is sport'n a tattoo!
She'll be primed and painted and as good as new before she
knows it!! I do love the yellow and gray though. Or I would if it was clean!
Today was cool and perfect. Seventy Five was the high.
It was Oregon cost weather! I loved it!
I have the worst pain in my neck. It makes it hard to be
alive. I have used every darn thing I have found online to save me
some pain..but alas no go!! What a "pain in the neck!"
Happy Friday and Happy Flag Day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Report!!

I requested this book for the library!
I saw it on line and it looked darling!
I checked it out and it did not disappoint!
You should check it out too!
I love a good leaf shadow!!


Happy Summer!
Don't forget sunscreen!! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lesson Learned: Move the fish bowl
off the entertainment center before moving the
entertainment center or you will learn what fish
poop tastes like! Awesome! (not really)
My mouth will never be clean again!!
Happy HOT summer!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Green Tomatoes!


See that little green tomato??
It means good things are to come!
Can't wait!!
*I am already so hot I could swoon! It isn't even mid summer yet!
*Favorite quote lately "If my chicken's are happy then I am happy!"
*My nephew Theodore can't get any more cute or
any more clever, but he will.
*I am ready to retire!
*The lesson in Sunday School today made me want
to go check the sign on the building cuz I swear I was in the wrong church!
*I love to see my little basil sprouting!
*I would love a pedicure and a facial!
*Free is my favorite price!
*While doing my niece's hair this week, I stood
back and showed her the finished product.
She looked in the mirror and stated, "This is awkward!"
*I bet the poppies in Mantua are up and blooming. I love those poppies!
Happy Week!

Little Lady!

My sister hosted a Neighborhood yard sale.
I went to partake and kiss my darling nephew
2.9 million times!
After the sale was done it was a "FREE" for all!
I grabbed this baby! It is so cute! The woman's it was
got it many moons ago.
I brought it home and washed it and reframed it!
I love it! Often in DI I see a SLC temple that is made the same way!
It is called Crewel (ing) and was all the rage in the 70's!
"What old is new again!!"

Look at that smiling lady bug! So cute!
Yard sales are more fun to attend then host!! Word!
Happy Summer!



Thursday, June 6, 2013


I am not really a fan of hand is bad for you!
Ask my sister she'll tell ya!
I did happen on a helpful thing the other day!
I paint A LOT I most often get paint on my hands.
Every once in awhile I get some on my clothes.
Guess what gets it off??
Just rub it in..easy!
This is for a fresh paint smudge..nothing
 that has been washed and dried!

***Update. It gets wall paint off your newly polished nails!
Hip Hip Hooray!
(It also get pine tar off. )
You'll thank me later!
Happy Summer!