Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot Date!

The other night I spent some time w/
Theodore while his mommy and daddy went out.
It was a great time and lots of fun was had!
Some of my favorite parts were.
*When Theodore asked me if I was pretending
 to be his mommy when I made dinner.
*When Theodore's brother woke up and was
very unhappy. Theodore sung tiny a song
about death. He and his dad had had a deep
talk about how long people and pets live
and about when they die. I am sure Little Linc
was comforted by the death song!
* I couldn't get Little Linc back to sleep
after rocking him for a long time.
So I placed him in his bed and sadly he cried.
I felt upset by his crying. Theodore  then reassured me
that "Sometimes you just have to let him cry
a little so he will learn to go to sleep!!" I knew he was right 
and I felt happy to know that the three year old in the
house had things under control.
*The following day was mommy's birthday.
Theodore and I decorated the place and
he really wanted to hide and jump
out and surprise his mommy. Where
does he learn this stuff? I asked him
to do it in the morning when mommy would REALLY
be surprised. Wonder what time her wake up
call was?  
*I loved when Theodore would reenact a conversation
his mommy had w/ him and it sounded just like her!
*I tucked little man in bed but didn't pull the covers up.
It was warm and he had on warm jammies.
Theodore looked at me and said.
"Ummm I need these blankets on top of me."
What was I thinking!
Tiny people are the BEST people!!
Love you Fodie!!


I have some stuff to show and tell!!
So they have a channel. There post every few weeks.
They are cute quirky thrift and wear glasses!
Did you ever watch the PBS shows like 1900 House!? 
I loved it in high school.  I found The Coal House.
Last night and I love it!
Studio 5? Yes please. There has been some goodies as
of late. Check em out!!
What do you have to share?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Clock it!

I like clocks. I like clocks enough to collect them.
I am trying only to spend money on needs
and not on clocks. However when
this little fella called my name
and his sticker said 2 dollars.
I answered back "OK!"
This clock came w/ a yucky pinkey
flesh color. I thought I would spray paint it.
Then I remembered this post from 4 Men 1 Lady.
I thought I'd strip this baby down to raw metal for
that industrial chic look.
I lost the thumb print on my left hand
but after 15 minutes w/ a can of striper
and scrubbie this darling looked like
a shiny new quarter!!
I think I sweated a gallon of water but it was so worth it!!
Hope your summer is delish!!
Do something un expected!!


This house always makes me wonder!!
*I love small conversations my nephew (Eli) has w/ him self.
He is so animated and loves every thing dramatic!
I noticed him place a large yellow rubber band on his head and
admire himself in the mirror. The rubber band was better then
a gold crown in his eyes.

*I love that Eli reminds me often that "Heavenly Father makes thunder!"
*I stood at the side of the road while watching Elder Boyd K Packer's
family drive by to lay him to rest. I noticed a small sign saying "Welcome
Home Elder Packer" It was quiet and reverent. I wish
all people had such an amazing send off.

* I love that I just made a phone call and forgot
the last name of the person I was reverencing. Oh my!!
*Look up my sister's new art endeavor on Facebook.
Spray Baby is her new store front!!
*I could eat my tiny nephew Lincoln w/ a spoon!!

*My sisters family has been so so sick w/ the flu!!
I am so grateful for health!!

* My brother sold his house and it couldn't be
anything but wonderful!!
*I am tired of being HOT and poor!!

*My sister had some stubborn black marks on her
carpet. I whipped out the hair spray and TA DA
they are gonezy!! WOOT! Woot!
* I hate DI regret!!
* I love summer rain!

*My favorite yummy lunch date involves The Corner Bakery!

**I love that the library emails me to tell me my books
are almost due!!
Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I love to create! I love like minded people!!
I liked this video! You will too!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

It's hot!

-It is so very hot! I so so very hate it!!
-I love me some youtube!! I love to look at "Yard sale finds"
each week. Do it!! It will make you too happy!
-I am not a fan of fireworks! Something acting like bombs
makes me worry! Bright lights hurt my eyes. Louds booms freak
me out! I am quick to startle!
-I love egg cups..but why? Egg cups are weird!
-Still love me some Essiebutton!!!
Another fun fave? Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.
Happy Summer!!