Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Five dollar five dolla do I hear five dollar?

I went to an auction tonight. It was hot and I didn't buy anything nor did I stay.  I just couldn't sit still for one more tacky salt and pepper shaker. Annnddd I think auctions are super over priced. Annnnd I noticed more then one person pull up w/ a trailer. Meaning they were doing BIG buying! Any who...this is what I saw....

This awesome scale 40 bucks!

This darling handmade trunk...
(oil covered)

I loved loved loved this darling! Just my style....chippy!

This was the real clincher..

Pine that is wood grained. Don't ya wish this piece could talk...I'm sure she'd have stories to tell!

Reminds me of the one I worked on last fall!! Mine was missing the top trim. Oddly enough this auction was just next door (5 steps) from where I got hutch. For a heck of a lot less then this baby will sell for I am sure!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you see what I see?

Look close! there are TWO!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tonight I went to a fireside. The speaker was the man who sculpted angel Moroni. Did you know our angel Moroni will be about 13 feet tall and weight 250lbs? Salt Lake's angel weighs 1400lbs. Did you know my tiny temple will get is angel on July 12 at around noon? Awesome huh?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

-Mr. Cricket is no longer w/ us! ****Update Mr. Cricket has a family!!
-I really wanted to yard sale pillow had other plans!
-I love key lime pie yogurt!
-Why do yogurts spit?
-My mom bought the Shark Pro Steam at a yard sale today for 10 bucks. So fun to use...but not "like magic"! I was really hope'n for magic...but ummm no!
-I can't find black flips flops that I love to save my life.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Last night....all night a tiny but HUGELY LOUD cricket sang to me.
 It was like Chinese water torture!
Today I am going to look in to making a cricket trap!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lesson Learned!

I bought this:

Because I had these (flesh colored carpi's):

I didn't wear gloves like the instructions suggested..and this happened:

Later I had these. They look good in the picture...but

It turned out more like this. I went to get my hair cut whilst the capri's dyed...and I did not stir as..again the instructions stated. Oh well..I'll just pretend it was intended!!

Note to self...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cute Alert!!

****Attention Attention****
There is a web site people!! You can shop at home and then hop right down to the store!

Today I had a list of 2 things I needed to pick up at the store. We'll we all know how that goes..2 turns into 12 thousand! I did however run into some darling clothes!! You'll never ever guess where! WALMART! This stuff is a knock off of "Down East" and "Modbe" and "Shades" but a HECK of a lot cheaper!

Look how cute the hang tag is! Super cute!!

                                                                         I love a ruffle!

So cute! 22.00

Look at this cute detail!! Again 22.00

I love this black tu tu-ish skirt!! So cute!!

Who knew walmart had it in em? Wouldn't these be cute for a cute casual
wedding for all your brides maids? They could wear them again and they are CHEAP!
What a perfect pair!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


-I super love a peony!
-It's warmer today then I think it should be.
-I can't spray paint w/ out getting some on me!
-I usually forget at least one thing while shopping.
-Twice last week I was gushed upon by those who thought I smelled DELISH!!
-I often have to remedy gross sooo gross!!
-I used THIS today and found it rather fun!!
-I need a hair cut something serious!!

Estate Sale

The other day while in the big city I happened on a sign that said "Estate Sale". I couldn't turn the other way! I kept following the sign for ever and found myself on top of the world in a very very high end neighborhood! I could tell quickly that I couldn't afford or wouldn't afford anything in this estate but I thought I'd take a gander!

Everything oozed money and grandeur and was VERY beautiful! No money had been spared on the decor of this lovely home. However nothing was clever or warm...nothing had a story or shouted well loved. I was quickly reminded money can't buy happiness or love...and quickly headed to DI to find something that shouted creativity.

There are people who have
money and people
who are rich.

Coco Chanel

Friday, June 17, 2011


I love a good peach...I also love a good temple. Soon I can have both in my own back yard! If you are here from "Nester's" site...I linked my find wrong! It's one post below! Opps!!


 Brigham City Temple 
- Jerry Earl Johnston - Mormon Times

In Brigham City, the walls of the new temple are on the rise. And to keep the spirits of the Saints rising with them, the ward held a fireside last Sunday. Brother and Sister Peck, missionaries assigned to oversee the temple construction and bolster local goodwill, filled us in on the latest news. Sister Peck invited us to take lessons from watching the construction. In the firm footing we should see a foundation we should set for ourselves in life. In the sturdy floors we find a symbol for strong support and a reminder to hold solid under pressure. She invited everyone at the fireside to glean lessons of their own from the temple site. So, today, let me try.

To begin, we learned that the artistic theme for the building would be "peach bloosoms" (Brigham City being the Peach City and all). Living peach trees would grace the grounds. Images of peach blossoms would be carved into the facade, etched into windows and be in the stained glass and other artwork.

As I listened, I thought of a poem I wrote years ago about the death of a young friend. I compared his passing to a peach blossom withered in an early frost. But the temple peach blossoms aren't about untimely death. They are about hope. For there may be an occupation that demands more faith than growing peaches, but I can't think of one. Unlike hardy apples, peaches must beat the odds to survive. Frost, hail, wind, bugs, disease, vandals--not to mention too many birds and not enough bees--can all kill a peach crop. Peach trees need constant care and keeping.

Smudge pots can warm the blossoms and insecticides can curb the pests, but it takes work. Planting peach trees may be an act of faith, but hard work is what keeps that faith alive. And sometimes, even faith and works aren't enough. But even when a crop is lost, hope burns on. The following year, Box Elder growers will try again. And the year after. And after that. The growers aren't always successful. But they keep the faith. And its never a blind faith. They know how things work. They know if there's not a frost after May 5th, they have a good chance. They know they can't plan peach trees too far north of the city. They study all the facts. They work hard. I'm sure they pray. And, miraculously, they often come out ahead.

In the Bible, Jesus compared faith to a mustard seed. But we don't grow mustard plants in Brigham City. We grow peaches. And now, thanks to the durable decor around and in our new temple, peach blossoms will be blooming in Brigham for decades to come.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lock this way...

Remember when I went yard sale and was followed by the paparazzi? Me neither...but remember when I bought THIS....well after tons of over spray and even a spot light at my yard sale (everyone loved her but no one forked up the cash!)...this little baby is done!! (or will be tonight!!) I know one of my arms is black and I look like I have been huffing paint. (I have a huge black spray paint goatee!) But she is done. I have hated spray painting this sister loves to spray paint big stuff and has lots of luck...maybe I didn't get the same talent and black lung? Oh well all the pain was worth it...she is darling isn't she?

And then there was light!!

Wouldn't the world be awful w/ out light? CSN gave me some credit so I could review one of their items! Because of this UGLY outdated lady:

I opted for this little craftsmen number. Awe so much better!

I won't even mention the 1/2 cup of bugs
 that dumped on my head in the hanging of this fixture or
 the huge fit that was thrown by someone other then me.
DIY is tough stuff!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bird Shirt

I bought a shirt w/ a bird on it...and wore it and loved it.
 It needed a bath so I put it in the washer
...and now it is lost...really lost.
I hate that. I also have been nurse'n a perma head ache for days.

So uncool!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Last night I was not much better
(finding a primary teacher at the last second...ulster causing)
tomorrow...tomorrow will be a better day. Can't wait!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A week in the life!

The tiny's put their feet in...and then all of themshelves got very very wet!!

The temple has a steeple now...and looks perfectly castle like and "perfect"!

This week has been wild!

*My favorite tiny people were able to "sleep over" and play for 2 days straight. It was wild!
*I worked all week on the "Junk Sale" and it was disapointing and LONG!!
*I went to pick up a perscription that I forgot I picked up last week. OOPS!
*I have the worlds worst head ache!
*Everyday my temple makes me so happy!
*People are cheaper then me!
*I rediscovered this blog and LOVE it!! What a charming life!
*I'd rather yard sale then have a yard sale!
*My sister saw her July b-day gifts! Sighhh!
** I have to count on my fingers when I make change at a yard sale! No really!