Friday, January 24, 2014

Little Things!

Today this audio book and these
cute dollar berry baskets make
me Happy!!
I love a good accent and this book
is fulla em! 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


“After all, I believe the nicest and
sweetest days are not those
on which anything very splendid
or wonderful or exciting happens,

but just those
that bring simple little pleasures,

following one
another softly,

like pearls slipping off a string.”

-L.M. Montgomery

Locker Love!

I needed bathroom storage.
I found this little for ten bucks.
Blood red and horribly sponge painted!
Later she looked like this!  

Lovely and Shabby!
 Two dollars worth of Restoration Hardware!
Yes please!!

(Oh I wish I had a better camera!!)

Sunday, January 19, 2014


"you've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." Glinda the Good Witch

Blue Berry Basket!

*I got a berry basket (above)
for Christmas. It is by far my favorite gift!
*My little Nephew dances River Dance style.
*I have had a perma headache for days!
*I ate at Plates and palates this weekend it was bein!
*I keep picking my fingers and it hurts!
*My feet are so picky w/ shoes!
*My nephew says something that makes
him most happy right when he wakes up.
*I think  most peoples lives are harder then we know.
*I hate when people try to crash into me w/ their car!
*Sometimes I am just to tired to go to NPS!
*I petted a chicken!
*Chickens do not like oranges!
*Love this blog!
Happy Weekend!

Canning rings!

I have seen these wreath's for years and have loved them!
So simple so cute!
Make a canning jar lid wreath via Funky Junk Interiors
Saw these cute pumpkins last year!! Again cute!
Easiest and quickest Fall craft ever! Make this canning jar ring pumpkin in five minutes flat!
Just ran into this garland. So rustic and darling!
This little lady has had me thinking! So SO cute
so simple and so easy!! I gatta make some of these!!
You could make these for each season. They'd be fun
for YW's, Relief Society, Visiting Teacher Gifts, Valentines,
Teacher Gifts..ect ect!! Can't wait to crack a few of these out!!
Beauty...ya never know where you'll find it!!


I love anything green and growing in the middle of winter!
This lovely makes me happy every time I look at it!!

Ready for valentines day? I love that it is a sure sign
that spring is just around the corner!! See the numbers
I dumpster dived!! Love!
Happy Spring!!

Monday, January 13, 2014


I just read this book. It was profound.
I think each and everyone of us "walks"
everyday of our lives. We see good, bad and ugly.
Some days are hard and some easy.
Sadly I can't "Highly" recommend this book because the
 author uses the "f-word" and there are some pretty graphic scenes.
I did find it interesting and thought provoking.
“Life is either
a daring adventure
 or nothing at all!”
 - Helen Keller

I am!


Hanson Knob
*I have had a headache for days!
*I like order.
*While strolling down the isles of DI this weekend
I found a bin of Restoration Hardware hardware . I couldn't have
been more pleased!!
*My nephew likes Bubbles more then me.
*I dumpster Dive like a DIVA!
*Some people talk so loud it reminds me of a FOG HORN!
*I love any sprouting things in the "spring" (Now!)
*I have a pain in the neck!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Oh no SNOW!!

Craft Stick Snowflake
I am always working on projects but not so good at taking
photos lately. Darn!
*The above is the favorite craft of all last month!
Easy, cute and so graphic! Oh and CHEAP!
*While driving w/ one of my special  needs friends I
noticed a large amount of snow on my car hood as did my friend.
She said loudly. "HONDA get that snow off your nose!!"
Makes me giggle just thinking about it!
*You think your life is tough? I heard this sweet girl speak today
and my word she is tough. Her husband went blind and her son
died and then came back and now has major disabilities! Not only that
she is cooking a baby in her belly in her spare time!!
*Today I video chatted w/ my nef. He had to leave and his mom prompted
"Say goodbye Fodie" He quickly got that shy look in his eye and put his chin
to his chest and said "Bye Fodie"!
So sweet I could eat him w/ a spoon!
*Today I was outta gas. I quickly ran to the gas station right
as a storm wall dumping down snow pellets
and blowing them down my neck.
I scream and danced around the whole time I was pumping gas
and then realized the place was packed. I am sure I looked darling!
Happy Spring!! (Kidding)

Saturday, January 4, 2014


*I tired to help my nephew make a darling
hand print in plaster to save forever.
He screamed like I was cutting
off his hand w/ a butter knife!
*I ran into a bestie randomly!
*I found some 3 dollar Toms! Love to Thrift!
*Reading WILD and listening to 
*Church doesn't start till 11:00 tomorrow!
*I spilled a soda all over my car. Not awesome!
*My nephew likes to just sit in a non moving car.
*Chickens can be bullies!
Good Night!


My sister is buying a new house! (Lucky)
Her living room wall is vaulted two stories!
She wants some shelves. Me and my killer skills
are trying to help. This page is part of that help!! Take
a gander!
Salvaged wood/brackets! Cute!
diy wall shelves
Ikea Floater
IKEA brackets make the shelf as long as you want!
IKEA bracket LINK
Ikea floater w/ faux brackets!!  LinK
Power Room!
 Link The Bowers!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


I hate spending money on anything. I do however love a good product!
I ran into an ELF at Walmart yesterday!! I have been super impressed w/
the ELF products I have used...and I love the one dollar (on most) price!
Plus no shipping costs!! You can thank me later!!