Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring in Utah!!


My sister who claims she is not creative! (She is insane!)
Painted her back splash like the above picture. (not her actual
kitchen!) It was hard work but looks great!!
Next on her list is to paint some kitchen chairs
she got at a yard sale for a song.
She primed them last year and her husband requested
they get painted "Dark Cream".
 I say walk on the wild side and do a WILD color
or better yet....DO LOTS OF WILD COLORS!!
Happy Summer!!
May all your projects be good ones!!

Under the big top!

 Yesterday I was out an about. Met a friend for lunch
and remembered hearing about Down East Home's
Tent Sale! It was in the neighborhood I was in!
I popped over! There was some cute stuff!
The tent sale has SUPER scratched and dented
Pottery Barn things for CHEEP CHEEP!
Ya have to use your imagination but if ya do
you can get a killer deal!
These ladies were 100 bucks each!
A Pottery Barn King headboard 35 bucks!!
Killer deal!
I loved this mirror too! SUPER HEAVY
but super cute and ten bucks!
Also I read in the paper that Tai Pan is having a tent
sale too RIGHT NOW!
I got some cute suff at Down East and spent 5.00!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I love a before and after. I love something restored and refinished!
I am just as shocked as you are but I love a good old piece of history!
I love Vintage, Old and Rust!
When I was little we spent a lot of time on foot,
going door to door visiting the older people in our little neighborhood!
Most often we were shoeless!
Below is one of the homes we visited.
The home owner was Anna Laura. Her brother also lived
down the street w/ his sweet wife.
We got multi colored marshmallows and picked
cherry tomatoes at Anna Laura's. Her yard was like a jungle and
had every flower a girl could ask for.
Below is her her family home in the early 1900's.
Here is the same home today:

Funny how time changes things but some things never change!
The local museum gallery has an AWESOME display on now.
It is before and afters of local homes and businesses.
Very very old pictures next to the same place today!
So neat and so heart breaking!! I could have looked for HOURS!
I will for sure go again before it is over!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Patty Oh!

My dearest little sister has a patio like the one featured below!
However her patio has shifted some and..the wood is shot!
The shot wood gives my tiny nephew splinters.
Time for a change!
Wood removed and ground cover added?
Plain old but highly chic lawn grass added!?
She has given the no go to gravel! DG maybe?


Painted rug anyone??

Other super interesting INFO!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A sign...

I wanted a plant to plant in my newly yard sale-ed
gumball machine. This one spoke to me!
So cute so sassy and...
Named "Thrift"!

I changed my mind about where to plant it!
The giggle was worth it though!
Happy Summer!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The other night I found my self
out on a wander! I happened upon these
lovelies in Willard Utah!!

A little British country side?

If walls could talk!

Happy Summer!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yard Sailing Finds!

Today GALLONS and GALLONS of rain fell from the sky!
Today was the neighboring city's CITY WIDE YARD SALE!
My sister was here so we made a go at it.
I still feel a little soggy!
Holy wetness!
Below is out booty!
My sister's favorite find is the Bosch mixer new in the box
for 20 bucks!! Retails for 200.00!
That girl is gunna be making some DOUGH!!
Love the little & sign cross stitch! (My sisters)
Fashion Plates!! Woot!

My favorite find. This little gumball machine so I can make a
terrarium. TWENTY FIVE CENTS!!
Happy Yard Sail'n!
I need a nap!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spoon Me!!

I love the wooden dinner spoons!
So cute!
I love them even more as plant makers!!

Studio 5 LIVE!!

I went to Studio 5 live!!
They only do it live we were lucky to go!
More then the show I liked the two HIP ladies
I attended w/.
They gave us a swag bag! Enclosed were the things below!
Necklace in little wooden box.

We also saw this! Most often I have the most fun not attending
the actual event but most often my favorite part is a side note!
Next to KSL is this LOVELY!!
Built in 1857. If walls could talk huh? I would have loved to go into
our own little Downton Abby. More here

I found this super interesting too!! It is like
stepping back in time..but today!

Quotes from the show:
"The purpose of the task is
to strengthen the relationship!"

"Recognize the effort!!"

Happy Spring!
Love'n the jacket weather today!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Life is Junkie!!

Life is fulla junk! (Thankgoodness!)
Life is fulla good stuff too!
**Love that my milkie white legs glow in the dark! HA HA!
***Love that tiny Theordore signed chicken to me
for the first time randomly when no one knew he had pick
up that new sign word! Smart nugget!
**I got tickets to Studio 5 LIVE!! Now who to bring!
**Love that I got dry eyes in church yesterday and
my eyes ran and ran and ran (yeah that happens) and I
looked like I was balling my eyes out!
I am sure people thought I was an emotional mother!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I like it JUNKIE!!!

This week is the city wide clean up.
There are big dumpsters placed in town
there is some good junk!
They guard those babies like they house
GOLD! It is insane!
The first night we got lucky! 
A cute vintage light fixture and a enamel ware
pot full of vintage plumbing!

A table base and a fire pit stand
and a basket full of cans of stain!!
We love free stain!! 

A bird cage stand! table top and a darling vintage DESK
and colander!

Also many cans of paint and stain!
Like this!
I'm mad that they won't let us recycle
by prescycle-ing...but WHATEVER!!
Happy Summer!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Welcome Fairies!!!

The fairy garden got some new additions today!!!
Thanks to a little rummage sale in town.
2 terracotta pots!
A tiny watering can.
Trellis, bench & faux rocks,
and some gardening tools!
It came in this kit: here.
Some thing I just didn't need!
Can't wait till the fairies come in droves!!
I love a good party!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woman of Faith!!

I'll be the first to admit it! I have had this book checked out from
the library for over a month...maybe two! It isn't the kinda
book ya sit down and read in one long sitting.
It is one you take tiny bites of and think long and
hard about over a good long time.
I admire a strong woman! I admire women who can do hard things
and still get other things done. This book is fulla those women!
I think often we look back and think about pioneers as
lacking in deep thoughts and tough on muscle.
Neither is true. Most pioneers were from Europe
A lot worked in mills. Some were even rich and lived in
well kept homes and were waited on by "house help".
Many were educated and well read. Many had deep thoughts
and spiritual encounters that we could not comprehend.
Many left families and homes that they would NEVER see again.
Many came to America to worship freely only to be cast
out from MANY homes at gun point! Almost all woman lost MANY
children and were called on to carry on.
Life was hard but Faith endured!
This is an amazing book of hope and heartache.
Many of the stories are from life sketches written
by the women who's lives came before ours!
It's a powerful read! I suggest you read it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tiny Town!

My tiny miniature garden is in bloom!
Lovingly planted in a wooden drawer,
w/ mushroom already sprouting!
It's not perfect!
I used what I had, but my word it's cute and
so darn fun!! 


Sometimes my hair gets SUPER fluffy!
I hate fluffy hair!
I feel like a Fraggle or a Muppet!
It's just not cute!
The below products have sent the fluff packing!
The Seven Miracle I got at Sally's!
The Bed Head-Dollar Cuts!
As well as the Big Sexy Hair hair spray!!
They make for a perfectly happy head!!