Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I love a before and after. I love something restored and refinished!
I am just as shocked as you are but I love a good old piece of history!
I love Vintage, Old and Rust!
When I was little we spent a lot of time on foot,
going door to door visiting the older people in our little neighborhood!
Most often we were shoeless!
Below is one of the homes we visited.
The home owner was Anna Laura. Her brother also lived
down the street w/ his sweet wife.
We got multi colored marshmallows and picked
cherry tomatoes at Anna Laura's. Her yard was like a jungle and
had every flower a girl could ask for.
Below is her her family home in the early 1900's.
Here is the same home today:

Funny how time changes things but some things never change!
The local museum gallery has an AWESOME display on now.
It is before and afters of local homes and businesses.
Very very old pictures next to the same place today!
So neat and so heart breaking!! I could have looked for HOURS!
I will for sure go again before it is over!!

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