Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cheese Ball!

I went to one of the funnest and most YUMMY parties tonight! It was an appetizer party. Everyone brought their favorite appetizer and the recipe and boy oh boy was there some yummy stuff!! All the host had to furnish was drinks and plates and her charming personality!! You should host one FOR sure!!

I got my free paint samples!!

Book Report

I have a book and author crush!! River of the North Series and Lauraine Snelling! I love to read books that make me and my life better! This series has done that for me a hundred fold!!

This story is about a amazing woman and the journey her life takes and she leaves the safety of her Norway home and embarks on the journey of her life to the desolate plains of America. Ingeborg Bjorkund and her will and faith of steal are an awesome example to me of "faith in every footstep". I love a woman w/ power and faith and tough as nails.

There are 10-14 books in this series and I have read each one and savored it like a delicious treat! Another one is due out this summer and I can't wait! I highly recommend this amazing series!! If you read back!! Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FYI Peeps!

Just so ya know. My friends at NPS got a killer shipment of salon hair!! Redkin, Biolage, ect ect. Annnddd they have peeps...just so ya know!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Tonight I went to walk for a fundraiser for
a friend in the hospital dieing.
I thought about the pioneers as I walked and about
How we are all pioneers
in out own right....
(and how I should have known better then to wear flip flops on a million mile walk!!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poppies At Play!!

If you are local "POP" up to the Box Elder camp grounds on the way to the Girls Home..and snap some pictures and make some memories!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I love a good YARD SALE!!

Today: Way to much sun...way to many lines...and WAYYY to many fits were thrown by those in my care. My feet are killing me...and my eyes are dry...and I need some dinner. BUT I have to say this evenings yard sale (a yard sale Friday night is a FAB idea!) made today almost PERFECT!! Look at my finds!

Denim Gap Bag w/ leather handle. "Like new" .50
Topiary 1.00
Tree Bag .50
Head band and flower .50
Magazine .25
A few more POTTERY BARN things that will be PERFECT for a birthday suprise...priceless!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the wall...

I believe that any and all flowers
growing through the fence are fair game!
I believe that and 8.00 thrifted mirror
makes for a great find!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Have you ever been to an estate sale or yard sale and upon leaving you felt the need to burn your clothes and use Rid Shampoo? Yuck..I went to such a estate sale yesterday. I think I am pretty tough..but my word it was YUCKY!! I did come home w/ this highly priced beauty! OOO la la!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I heart CHEAP!!

Click HERE for a 2.99 meal deal coupon! P.S. Kids eat free too!!

Ruby Slippers!

I wore my brand new but thrifted 4.00 Steve Madden shoes to church Sunday!! My Primary class dosen't undersand how cool their teacher is! Or how THRIFTY!!


Remember this DARLING old navy shirt I wanted to copy?

Well let's just say I have nothing on those poor sweat shop ladies! I tired my best but a circle I could not make. Still turned out pretty cute!

Happy Summer!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am just a Country Mouse!

When I was young Richard Scarry books were some of our favorites! I loved the story about The city mouse and the country mouse! Yesterday while talking to a friend (who is a first grade teacher none the less) she stated she didn't know the reference! I often while in the "big city" refer to my self as a country mouse! I tried to explain to my friend the story in a nut shell...and I COULDN'T I had forgotten the gist! Time to google and dig in the depths of the freezing cold basement for the childhood book!!

The jist of the story is: The grass is not always greener! Simple is not always shabby! Sometimes "I would rather lead a simple life then dine on riches, and live in fear." (A cat almost ate her at a fine dinner in the city)

Chicken Little!

I met up w/ the most DARLING "Chicken Charmer" this week!!

And her equally charming sister!


This is what I picked up on my adventure. This darling old HEAVY perfect mirror for 5 bucks at a church rummage sale. Hey Church Ladies!!

I bought my sister another 5.00 sink at a yard sale. So she paid me back w/ these!! I wanted these so badly when they first came out!! Alas I had not 24.00 a book. These babies where mine for 2.00 a book!! WOOO WHOOO!!

Can I just say the prices at the DI are NUTSO lately!! The books KILLER DEAL...other junk...PLEASE!! The Welfare Square DI..I mean come on folks...most of it is junk!! Frustrating!! The worst when my little sister looks at me (while folding her arms (protection from germs) w/ the "See DI is a totally waste of time!" look on her face!!

Oh well I'll be mad...till tomorrow! Happy Summer!!

Portabella Mushroom Buger...

Thanks for Lunch!! Yummers!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today I meet a friend who wanted to spend the day on a thrift shopping date!! We meet up and had loads of fun and lunch! Before we met up I went to a few yard sales and I ran in to one of my blog crushes!! The Frosted Gardener! So fun! She is so cute and her blog...almost as cute!! (one of her peices below!)
Later while w/ my friend I saw this out of the corner of my eye. I picked it up and it was BRAND NEW!! the price tag at the thrift store 20.00. I knew my brother in law was in the market for a sander...I called him and he declined. Sigh..I knew it was s scream'n deal...I asked him to google it and call me back he did. These babies sell for 50 bucks new...and are awesome. They even have a little dust collector!!

More on my finds tomorrow!! My one arm "tan" (read killer sunburn) is kill'n me. My feet hurt and I am pooped! Oh my the joys of a good find and good friends are worth it!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I took these pictures while in SLC a few weeks ago! Aweee the memories!! :)

Cuppie Cakies!!

Yesterday I had to have an "emergency" appointment at the dentist. My tooth was KILLING me and had been all weekend. The dentist lovingly ripped of my temporary crown and made a new mold and glued on a new tooth. So fun!! I needed a little vacation. I went here after!!

Are you kidding me w/ the cuteness of the place. Hello..they sell CUP CAKES TOO!!! Alas my teeth were on fire and so I had to skip the surgery sweetness. I'll visit again fur sure though!! You should too!! 470 24th ST. Ogden Utah! YUMMY!