Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am just a Country Mouse!

When I was young Richard Scarry books were some of our favorites! I loved the story about The city mouse and the country mouse! Yesterday while talking to a friend (who is a first grade teacher none the less) she stated she didn't know the reference! I often while in the "big city" refer to my self as a country mouse! I tried to explain to my friend the story in a nut shell...and I COULDN'T I had forgotten the gist! Time to google and dig in the depths of the freezing cold basement for the childhood book!!

The jist of the story is: The grass is not always greener! Simple is not always shabby! Sometimes "I would rather lead a simple life then dine on riches, and live in fear." (A cat almost ate her at a fine dinner in the city)

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Laurie Eckerman said...

I'm gonna have to find that book. me and the girls need a constant reminder that the grass isn't always greener. fun blog heather..keep up the good work.