Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Happy Heart!!

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I love a tiny little bend wood chair like no other!
So darn cute and so darn vintage!! See how The Mac's show their
little lovelies off!
Ms. Hollyhocks and Honey bees has some darling ones too!!
The thrifting God's smiled down on me a week ago and
look who owns her own chair now?
Me! I dare say it was WAY pricey for my little DI!
Buuuut I bit the bullet and got it! Love!
(The above picture isn't staged well...but we have inches and inches
of cold wet snow and I just had on my slippers!
Burrr!! )
Happy Spring!
And here's hope'n you find a lucky find soon!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Antique Wooden Teak Bench
Heat Gun Tips:
The puddy knife gets hot so keep your fingers off the medal!
Wear a mask!
You will smell like burnt paint all day!
Pine is a soft wood. Use a soft hand or you will gouge it!
It is easy to burn the wood and old finish.
Keep your hair away from the hot gun!
Clean up is a big job...factor that into your allotted working time.
Lead paint is very bad news!!  
Vintage Revivals, has some tops and tricks!
Happy Spring!

Vintage Whites Market!

My Friend Erin invited me here!
I am inviting you!!!
This looks fun and amazing...and
just around the cornner!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Use'n the big guns!!

Today has been the warmest day of the year! The sun shine'n and the snow a melt'n!
Love-lee!! I pulled out my heat gun that I received for Christmas. It has been calling me
for months but alas it has been far to cold for any sort of DYI!
Here is how this old lady looked after 30 minutes!
When I got her she was a chippy salmon pink!

I covered her in a quick layer of black but she looked CHEAP!
She needed a new lease on life!!

It seems her past life was colorful! She started out life brand new
and beautifully wood grained. I bet she caught an eye or two in
her day!! She then she wore a lovely shade of minty green! So cute and so
1950's! Shortly followed buy a lovely lady like shade of PINK!!
It all when down hill oafter that! I can't wait to fix
her up and make her look as good as new!!
(See wood grain below)

Here is the "big gun"!

I'll be back w/ some tips and tricks soon!!
Happy Spring!

Monday, February 18, 2013



This weekend looked like this!
*I put LOADS of time and energy into an outfit
for an 80's party. I showed up w/ my sister in tow and
we were the only ones decked out! LAME!
*I had to call 911 because as I drove down the free at 80 miles and hour
there was a perfectly placed couch in my lane.
I almost died!
******Do you know the ONLY 3 reasons to call 911?
1.To save a life!
2. Stop a crime!
3. Report a fire!
*I saw people throwing money at an old man w/ sign. (begging)
He was in a wheel chair and people were to lazy to get out
of their cars.
*I went to Goodwill! The only in Utah and it was FUN!!
*I got to kiss both of my nephews this weekend.
*I rocked around town w/ only a few stares at my crimped hair
and rad hot pink finger nails.
*I ran into a long lost cousin while at a far away DI!
*I wanted the day off! No one wanted to work on a holiday! Sighhh!
*Dear sun i love you when you when you shine!!
*My sister loves a wig!!
*I saw a picture of "pressed leaves" that were marijuana
at the thrift store. Made me giggle!
I didn't do a darn thing! I can't save the world!
*I drove off w/ a large beverage on my car!
*My sister almost broke my baby shower gift!
*I went to another party many moons ago and was the
ONLY person dressed up. The party was thrown by my sister!
*Gas prices are going right up!
*Murray DI is totally over priced! Worth skipping!

Here is to a happy weekend!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I meausre up!

Vintage Wooden YARDSTICKS - Set of 6

If I say I will...I will!
If I plan it...I follow through.
No need to step in or over step!
I can do it!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poppy Seed Design and Organization!

Clear the hoard!! Hit me up!

Blog Crush!!

Have you ever happened on
a blog that speaks your style?
I did last night! It's a blog crush fur sure!
View Vintage School Vaulting / Gym Horse
View Vintage Open Bookshelves
View Painted Vintage Windsor Chair
Happy Spring!

Chalk Dust!

I dumpster dived this yucky mail box!
I painted a happy chippy aqua and
used my chalk board ink to "tag it"!
When valentines is over I can wipe it right off
and write another happy note!!

So after I wrote the below post about my chalk board being ruined
I went on a hunt for some chalk board paint. I opened my can and
the last half inch was dry!
Walmart only had the spray paint and it is to cold to spray paint!
Ace Hardware had chalkboard paint but it was 15 bucks
and I only wanted a little bit! An employee walked up to me
and asked if I'd like to make some. And handed me a little
dust filled baggie (Odd I know).  The baggie contained unsanded grout!
The employee stated if I added 2 craft bottle of paint to the baggie
I could make any color of chalk board paint I wanted!
I went home and did just as instructed! It worked like a charm!!
You should try it!
Happy Spring! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chalk it up to learn'n!!!

Remember how I got a chalk pen a few weeks ago?
Well it ruined my chalk board! It etched the surface or
something! I couldn't erase last months word of
the month...and that my friends is LAME!

I by mistake ordered two pens! The one on the top..LAME.
The one on the bottom is the goodie! Sadly the one on the bottom isn't super bright white
but if it will erase...I'll keep it!
My chalk board got another coat of paint and is drying as I type!

Sweet chalk board love below:
Happy Spring!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy February!

The other day I found a pile of old lath.
I saw a heart w/ polka dots!
Happy Spring!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


I rented the book from the Libray!
I read the blog almost every day!
I didn't have it in my to do take the thrift store photo opp!
Don't get me wrong! I thrifted I just didn't photo opp it!! Darn!
I do love see'n what other CRAZY YHL fan did and got at the
 thrift store! You will too! Pop over and check it out here!!