Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chalk Dust!

I dumpster dived this yucky mail box!
I painted a happy chippy aqua and
used my chalk board ink to "tag it"!
When valentines is over I can wipe it right off
and write another happy note!!

So after I wrote the below post about my chalk board being ruined
I went on a hunt for some chalk board paint. I opened my can and
the last half inch was dry!
Walmart only had the spray paint and it is to cold to spray paint!
Ace Hardware had chalkboard paint but it was 15 bucks
and I only wanted a little bit! An employee walked up to me
and asked if I'd like to make some. And handed me a little
dust filled baggie (Odd I know).  The baggie contained unsanded grout!
The employee stated if I added 2 craft bottle of paint to the baggie
I could make any color of chalk board paint I wanted!
I went home and did just as instructed! It worked like a charm!!
You should try it!
Happy Spring! 

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