Saturday, June 30, 2012


*One should not host a yard sale when it is 100 degrees!
Today was far to hot and hot makes me grumpy!
Hannah a young lady I nannied one summer said it best!
"Heather you get grumpy when you are in heat!"
Promise I am not "in heat" just hot!

*My mom misplaces yard sale money and it makes
people stress out a lot!

*It feels good to see junk leave!

*I did not drink enough today! I feel like a parched desert!

*I hate when blogs don't have a "home button" at the top..but
I don't because I don't know how!

*I ordered some flip flops on line  nearly 3 weeks ago
and have yet to get them.

*Head colds are going around!

I read a blog about my grandparent town and
my heart lept!

* Today I rolled outta bed and started selling. I ran into some
cute friends! Hate that! I didn't brush my teeth till noonish! YUCK!

*I hate to keep bring this up, but it's my blog!
I love my nephew! Love love love!

* I love AC so much! I'd die w/ out it! To whomever invented AC

*Lemon aid...Delish!

*My eyes get sunburnt when I am in the sun to much! Painful!

*Papa Murphy's veggie pizza..Yummers!!

Happy Summer!

Monday, June 25, 2012


"I like old cheep junk and I can not lie!!"

This weekend my peeps and I are
out to unload some
(glorified garage sale)
Our sale starts Friday 3-6
and Saturday 8-12!
Post your e-mail address if you'd like to come.
I'll send you the address!!

Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

So long!

Another one that got away!! This baby sat in DI
and SCREAMED to me.

I wanted to love and embrace her!!

Bring her and her carved handle home.

Her leaded stained glass, winked at me I sware.

For 30 bucks she coulda been mine.
Sadly there is no room in the inn!


*I am not a fan of hot weather! I am more of a jacket kinda girl!
*Grapefruit frozen yogurt I love you!
*Tiny Theodore, your smile melts me!
*My co-worker said "Pert Near" and I giggled something fierce!
*Leg hair is so over rated!
*I love a good book on tape.
*I almost die when I don't have a jug of water in my car w/ me!
*Most Fridays you can find me in a doctors office w/ my job.
*I love tiny(electric) fans every where!
*I am falling out of love w/ yard sales! Most are lame!
*I am getting so good at giving hair cuts!!

To everything a season...

This week I was reminded of the importance of seasons.
I was again reminded that people should gather
not only at death, but in life! That traits are passed on from the past and
remain through generations. That little things matter! We reap what we sow!
The law of the harvest is most often the law.

Thanks Grandpa for the reminder! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

A T for tiny T.!!

I little freezer paper number
I made for the darling nephew!

Sadly I don't feel like blogging as of late. When I do
feel up to'll be the first to know!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big Time!

I bought some freezer paper at NPS a long time ago!
 I just used it last night!
It is super fun!! It has a shiny side
that when ironed sticks to fabric
and that pulls of cleaned when done!

I made this baby for a little lady at
the group home. She hated it!
I had fun doing it!!
It's all water under the bridge!

Happy Summer!
Happy Flag Day Too!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Birthday Seat!

It was my bestie Callie's birthday!
She needed a birthday chair!
I was so nervous to drop it off!
Most people don't love random junk like I do!
I wasn't sure Callie would embrace it!
(she wasn't home I dumped and dashed!)

I even added a picture of what I had in mind
so she could follow the vision!

She called she approved!! FEWWW!!!
Close call!

I also popped in to NPS!
Guess what my FAVORITE
item in my basket was?

Happy Saturday!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today I ran into these ladies!
There are Russian Babushka Dolls!
Seventy Five Cents!
As an added bonus they are measuring cups!
Get yours here!

I also picked up this BABY this week.
Fifty Cents!
A little wrist decoration!!

Also I feel badly and sadly that Mr. Darling Nephew
is the most darling baby in the WORLD and
that no other baby may now hold that honor!

Poor Poor people of the world! We got him!!

Today I also realized for the 9 millionth time.
I am more of a fair weather girl then a blar'n
hot kinda girl!!

Happy Summer!