Saturday, June 30, 2012


*One should not host a yard sale when it is 100 degrees!
Today was far to hot and hot makes me grumpy!
Hannah a young lady I nannied one summer said it best!
"Heather you get grumpy when you are in heat!"
Promise I am not "in heat" just hot!

*My mom misplaces yard sale money and it makes
people stress out a lot!

*It feels good to see junk leave!

*I did not drink enough today! I feel like a parched desert!

*I hate when blogs don't have a "home button" at the top..but
I don't because I don't know how!

*I ordered some flip flops on line  nearly 3 weeks ago
and have yet to get them.

*Head colds are going around!

I read a blog about my grandparent town and
my heart lept!

* Today I rolled outta bed and started selling. I ran into some
cute friends! Hate that! I didn't brush my teeth till noonish! YUCK!

*I hate to keep bring this up, but it's my blog!
I love my nephew! Love love love!

* I love AC so much! I'd die w/ out it! To whomever invented AC

*Lemon aid...Delish!

*My eyes get sunburnt when I am in the sun to much! Painful!

*Papa Murphy's veggie pizza..Yummers!!

Happy Summer!

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