Saturday, July 30, 2011


*The water heater...DEAD!
*My feet newly pedicured!
*I planted basil today and now I smell just like it!! Yummers!
*Yard Bust!! Mostly "drive bys!"
*The book "Just Like Heaven" so diffrent then the movie. I cried!
*Today while buying a "tiny" fan at Walmart.
          I picked it up and thought.."Now where do I test it?" Sign of a true thrifter!
* I found another pair of mormon G's (not Jeeps Harmony)
 hanging on the racks at the thrift store. So weird!
*I need a vacation!!
*I saw a bird sitting quietly on the Angel Moroni's trumpet made me smile.
 Everything is better w/ a bird on it!!
*My car is cover in hard water droplet marks from being sprinkled daily!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love aqua! I love maps and globes...maybe because they are aqua and colorful and oh so hip and graphic!! Who knows...but I love them. I ran into this vintage darling the other day! It is old and fabric lined and smells like an old school room. 

This little paper lovely came w/ her. I don't have space for 2 so the little number below is for sale. 5 bucks and she is yours. You must pick her up or pay shipping!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

Today is my baby sisters Birthday! I can remember when she was born. So cute and so tiny. I remember my mom bring in the stinky neighbor hood boys and I to peek at her while she was sleeping. "See I really do have a baby sister" I thought to my self! Ooo I loved her.

Remember this spring when I dumpster dived. AWEEE the joy!! I happened on this little number (below). She was dirty and not to pretty...and had loose screws. After much work...she is a real beauty. Who wouldn't love a butcher block kitchen island?  An extra special gift for my favorite baby sister!!

Happy Birthday Harmony!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dog sitting is JUST as hard as kid sitting!
I have the worst head ache!
Who's idea was it to make legal HUGE fireworks!
I could use a crisp cool fall day..just about now.
A little boy in my primary class said today:
 "Teacher I just love my big head!" Kids are awesome!
I still REALLY miss my old "Favorites" that were lost!!
I need a vacation...and a few other things!

Happy Summer!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Pioneer Day!

I am grateful for those who had faith then;
 who help those who walk their own plains now!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fry Day!

I like artichoke hearts on my pizza!! Yummers!
Dog sitting makes me tired!
I love that Debbie thinks one of the dog's name is Mitch!
I love getting my hair cut!
The other day I stated "I love AC"...the girls at the group home quickly asked who AC was!!
I crave salad..lots of green salad. I think because it is so HOT!
I love being in the middle of a good book...I'm w/ out right now!
Most yard sales are "Just Junk!"
Exercise of any kind makes one feel better...even though I hate to admit it.
All day I thought about and planned a nap after work. It was delightful!!
I love to see the (my) temple!
Things on KSL sometimes don't sell.
Happy Summer!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Isn't she LOVELY....

The other day I happened on this little lady! She is aged to PERFECTION!

I like to imagine her life. I'd like to think she and her square nails came across the plains
with some excited woman looking for religious freedom and holding only a few of her most important and favorite things! The woman of the house couldn't bring her whole china set she had received on her wedding day so she only brought one tea cup and the tea pot. The woman wanted a small part of beauty in her new wild west home. Also inside was her wedding dress. A baby blanket her mama had made for her first born. A hand mirror a gift from her husband when they were courting. And those were her only material possessions. All the rest of her "favorites" were left in a home that had not sold, that she had cleaned from floor to ceiling upon leaving it empty, so that she could take her first step toward the valley of HOPE!

All that I imagine this little box saw!!

For Sale on

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tiny Chocolate!

I got this at one of the discount stores I shop. I think it was 99 cents! All you do is add water to the tiny packet and plop some mix in the tray that comes w/ it! Would be super fun for kids and super yummy for adults! Ya know if you make lots of yummy stuff..ya eat lots of yummy this is the perfect snack size!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have been thinking. I am going to offer a new service to anyone and everyone! It will be called..


As we all know I love to junk, thrift shop and yard sale. Some days are better then others! While I am out I should also offer to look for YOU too!!

Do you really want a globe? I see them alot...but I have no room. I'll buy it for you and charge you a small finders fee. (close friend and family need not pay fee!) It's a win get what you want...and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt!!

Let me know what I can find YOU!!

Thirty Five Cents!

Today I woke up early.
 I yard saled...and I spent .35!
 I think I need a nap!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, July 15, 2011


*Today I nearly split my spleen laughing at a stick on mustache. SO FUNNY!!
*I can't believe it gets to be 103 degrees around these parts cuz 90 is feeling pretty hot lately!
*I love Micky D's South West salad! Who knew they also passed out free samples on Friday? This baby was YUMMERS!!  No I mean very very good!!
*Tomorrow I have to work!
*I ran into Her the other day while thrifting! No time to chat though. Bummer!
* Something I do just to make things interesting: At any given time around town I look for This! You'd be amazed where I find the spires peeking up! 
*Finishing a good book series is like braking up w/ someone!!
*I laugh hard when my friend (group home lady) asks for ONE cucumber on her Subway Sandwich!

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Wouldn't it be fun to have a lemon tree!? So yummy and so darn cute! Alas I live far from the land of lemons!! I don't often love to chug water..don't get me wrong I drink it a lot...but I could drink it a lot more!! Here is a little hint. Buy lemons when you see them cheap at the store during the summer. Cut them in the wedges or circles and freeze them. Put them in your water when you drink a cup. I leave mine in the same cup and fill it up more then once. It makes drinking water all the better!!

Love it!!


Here are somethings I did saw or bought while the computer was MIA!

Isn't this little lady darling!! Oh I love her! She has a .39 cent stamp on the bottom...was she .39 cents in her day?

I have a cute primary class. Well ok let's face it..THE CUTEST!! One of the little girls in my class sports the cutest head band every few weeks...I want to steal it. I don't though. So I went to walmart and spent 1.50 on ribbon and made my turned out darling and I blend right in w/ my CUTE class!!

Look who I saw while out doing the above mini photo shoot!! Mr. Tiny Zucchini! Cute and oh so yummy!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He is here to stay!!

Today was the BIG day!! I woke up to over cast and gray skys! I knew 12:00 was the time for Angel Moroni to make she debut so I drove up and found a spot. We been asked not to bring camp chairs or blankets because this would be a short affair. After an hour standing it makes for an un happy 5000 people. The wind was blowing to hard at the highest part of the steeple! Then sitting on a muddy curb for another 30 minutes listening to a grand mother singing "Come Come ye Saints" to her very board grand child and hearing rumor that Mr. Moroni might not fly till TOMORROW I left. Had lunch and checked the web cam...he was I popped back up and took some pictures. Aweeee...perfect!! I am impressed by the people that stuck it out the WHOLE time. Very much like the early saints in SLC who stuck it out the WHOLE time when the SLC temple was being built. 40 years!

We are blessed!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yard Sale'n! Yesterday!

***She SOLD**
Yesterday I willed my self to get up early (9ish). I then yard saled. It was hot. There was far to much junk! I gave up. Oh wait I'll just go to this one last sale. Look what I spotted. I looked at the price and then I looked again. Then I quickly asked the woman in charge who was speaking to some one else if the price was real or a typo. She stated it was real. I was sold and so was this baby!!

The stories she could tell!

She is old! Lots of history! It looks like to me she had been refinished!

She has some damage too...and I have no home for her. So I'll fix her up and adopt her out! Aweee yard sales a drug like no other!!

Happy Summer!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am so mad!! Vent!

-My brother in law was able to find a lot of stuff and save it when our computer crashed but he didn't save my FAVORITES! (read in a yelling scream). I love my favorites and am so mad and sad they are lost forever. UGAH!!
-I do not do well w/ humidity! Not good at all.
-My spray paint finger is KILL'N me!! A little to much spray paint a little to few brakes!
-I saw this today sweet but so sad!!
-Sad but true...I have lost the junk'n feeling the last few days!! I am sure it will come worries!!
-I went to walmart today and forgot to buy most of the stuff on my list...the list was in my head!

I need a nap and then maaaaybe I can face the world again.

Thanks for letting me vent!! Happy Summer!

Monday, July 4, 2011

It died!

The computer has died!! Let's pray a little CPR is all it needs. I morn the loss of my favorites! All my hours and hours of photoes too!! On a happier note!!

***Happy Birthday America!!***

Friday, July 1, 2011