Friday, July 22, 2011

Fry Day!

I like artichoke hearts on my pizza!! Yummers!
Dog sitting makes me tired!
I love that Debbie thinks one of the dog's name is Mitch!
I love getting my hair cut!
The other day I stated "I love AC"...the girls at the group home quickly asked who AC was!!
I crave salad..lots of green salad. I think because it is so HOT!
I love being in the middle of a good book...I'm w/ out right now!
Most yard sales are "Just Junk!"
Exercise of any kind makes one feel better...even though I hate to admit it.
All day I thought about and planned a nap after work. It was delightful!!
I love to see the (my) temple!
Things on KSL sometimes don't sell.
Happy Summer!

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