Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Birthday Girl!!

Today is my baby sisters Birthday! I can remember when she was born. So cute and so tiny. I remember my mom bring in the stinky neighbor hood boys and I to peek at her while she was sleeping. "See I really do have a baby sister" I thought to my self! Ooo I loved her.

Remember this spring when I dumpster dived. AWEEE the joy!! I happened on this little number (below). She was dirty and not to pretty...and had loose screws. After much work...she is a real beauty. Who wouldn't love a butcher block kitchen island?  An extra special gift for my favorite baby sister!!

Happy Birthday Harmony!!


Hippy said...

That's super nice! Great work, sis!

You're the greatest.

Harmony said...

Aw, thanks Laf! <3