Friday, July 8, 2011

I am so mad!! Vent!

-My brother in law was able to find a lot of stuff and save it when our computer crashed but he didn't save my FAVORITES! (read in a yelling scream). I love my favorites and am so mad and sad they are lost forever. UGAH!!
-I do not do well w/ humidity! Not good at all.
-My spray paint finger is KILL'N me!! A little to much spray paint a little to few brakes!
-I saw this today sweet but so sad!!
-Sad but true...I have lost the junk'n feeling the last few days!! I am sure it will come worries!!
-I went to walmart today and forgot to buy most of the stuff on my list...the list was in my head!

I need a nap and then maaaaybe I can face the world again.

Thanks for letting me vent!! Happy Summer!

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