Friday, July 15, 2011


*Today I nearly split my spleen laughing at a stick on mustache. SO FUNNY!!
*I can't believe it gets to be 103 degrees around these parts cuz 90 is feeling pretty hot lately!
*I love Micky D's South West salad! Who knew they also passed out free samples on Friday? This baby was YUMMERS!!  No I mean very very good!!
*Tomorrow I have to work!
*I ran into Her the other day while thrifting! No time to chat though. Bummer!
* Something I do just to make things interesting: At any given time around town I look for This! You'd be amazed where I find the spires peeking up! 
*Finishing a good book series is like braking up w/ someone!!
*I laugh hard when my friend (group home lady) asks for ONE cucumber on her Subway Sandwich!

Happy Summer!

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