Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He is here to stay!!

Today was the BIG day!! I woke up to over cast and gray skys! I knew 12:00 was the time for Angel Moroni to make she debut so I drove up and found a spot. We been asked not to bring camp chairs or blankets because this would be a short affair. After an hour standing it makes for an un happy 5000 people. The wind was blowing to hard at the highest part of the steeple! Then sitting on a muddy curb for another 30 minutes listening to a grand mother singing "Come Come ye Saints" to her very board grand child and hearing rumor that Mr. Moroni might not fly till TOMORROW I left. Had lunch and checked the web cam...he was flying...so I popped back up and took some pictures. Aweeee...perfect!! I am impressed by the people that stuck it out the WHOLE time. Very much like the early saints in SLC who stuck it out the WHOLE time when the SLC temple was being built. 40 years!

We are blessed!

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