Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Isn't she LOVELY....

The other day I happened on this little lady! She is aged to PERFECTION!

I like to imagine her life. I'd like to think she and her square nails came across the plains
with some excited woman looking for religious freedom and holding only a few of her most important and favorite things! The woman of the house couldn't bring her whole china set she had received on her wedding day so she only brought one tea cup and the tea pot. The woman wanted a small part of beauty in her new wild west home. Also inside was her wedding dress. A baby blanket her mama had made for her first born. A hand mirror a gift from her husband when they were courting. And those were her only material possessions. All the rest of her "favorites" were left in a home that had not sold, that she had cleaned from floor to ceiling upon leaving it empty, so that she could take her first step toward the valley of HOPE!

All that I imagine this little box saw!!

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blog n' tell said...

This is cute!
Wish I had a place for it!

Amelia said...

Love this - I can think of a million different uses for it!

Pam said...

It is gorgeous! Love the handles.