Sunday, November 22, 2015


Yesterday I was having a conversation w/ my brother in law
about all the education my little nephew was getting
at his twice weekly preschool. My brother in law stated "Theodore
is learning his letters and letter sounds and his numbers. "Theodore what
comes after seven?" Theodore w/ out missing a beat stated "MAY!"

Later that day grumpy little Theodore stood at the back door yelling
"Dadddyyyy Hey Daddddy! Do you want to play w/ your favorite little boy?"

I took my one year old tiny shopping about mid shop
he started waving his hands telling me (in baby sign)
that he was "all done". What a smart little cricket he is!!
Oh I love him!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


I love my nephews!! They are the best little people
I know! Today I had the chance to spend some
time w/ my best friends Eli and Isaac!
Eli and Isaac both had runny noses
and weren't feeling the best.
Eli even told me he died and layed on the couch
for a few minutes. (That isn't like him). Eli
got out all the toilet paper and paper towels
in the pantry and made towers for quite
a few minutes. I sat on the floor next to him
and looked something up on my phone.
I then had to quickly grab his brother in his room
and set my phone down. I came back later and
couldn't find my phone ANYWHERE!
I even pulled out the fridge.
I then lost Eli. He had opened the front door and ran
away! when I caught up w/ him he was on his
way to Las Vegas I'm sure!
I decided I needed to bring out the big guns!
The sand box it was. It was warm outside and I needed
a drink I stepped in for 2 seconds and
came out to Isaac who is normally
a total tow head sporting chocolate milk
covered hair and every inch of his body had sand on
it or in it. Not to mention the new sandy facial hair.
I then decided baths were in order. I filled the tub 
    and Isaac cried bloody murder while I tried to quickly
wash the sand from his soft body.
Eli tried to get as much water out of the tub in
the shortest time possible.
We got re-diapered and turned on a show.
My sister came home and knew which hidey hole
to check for my phone. But right before we
looked in the right place we looked under the couch.
There sat 6 green apples w/ little tiny bites taken out of each one
and then lovely lodged behind the couch.
Wonder who did that?
My sister is on call for those little sweeties 24/7.
She is Wonder Woman! I am not and I need a nap!! 


 Upon seeing my nephew at the wedding (My brother's) I asked him if he would like to go on the elevator. For a full hour later he was upset with me because I would not show him the "alligator" I had suggest he ride upon his arrival. Elevator and alligator do sound similar! Poor fella!

Long time no post!! I have been busy!

*Two week notice for a no budget impromptu wedding. I felt like The Little Red Hen!!

* A birthday filled to the brim w/ goodness!!

*Blood pressure through the roof...killer side effects!!

While playing w/ my nephew 3 and his friend I ask what they wanted for Christmas.
Friend: I want a remote control car, air plane and boat. I told him that was gunna cost Santa a lot and so he stated that he only needed one.
I then asked my darling nephew what he would like. He looked at my w/ a total dead pan expression and said "A magic wand so I can turn my self into lots of different people!!
What in the heck? This kid is the silliest ever!! I then taught them how to eat sunflower seeds right out of the flower! Time well spent!

*The leaves are falling! I love my boiled wool slippers even more. The days are darker and over cast and I am reminded that I am solar powered! *The bright glow of the yellow leaves makes me happy!!

Happy Fall!!