Thursday, November 19, 2015


 Upon seeing my nephew at the wedding (My brother's) I asked him if he would like to go on the elevator. For a full hour later he was upset with me because I would not show him the "alligator" I had suggest he ride upon his arrival. Elevator and alligator do sound similar! Poor fella!

Long time no post!! I have been busy!

*Two week notice for a no budget impromptu wedding. I felt like The Little Red Hen!!

* A birthday filled to the brim w/ goodness!!

*Blood pressure through the roof...killer side effects!!

While playing w/ my nephew 3 and his friend I ask what they wanted for Christmas.
Friend: I want a remote control car, air plane and boat. I told him that was gunna cost Santa a lot and so he stated that he only needed one.
I then asked my darling nephew what he would like. He looked at my w/ a total dead pan expression and said "A magic wand so I can turn my self into lots of different people!!
What in the heck? This kid is the silliest ever!! I then taught them how to eat sunflower seeds right out of the flower! Time well spent!

*The leaves are falling! I love my boiled wool slippers even more. The days are darker and over cast and I am reminded that I am solar powered! *The bright glow of the yellow leaves makes me happy!!

Happy Fall!!

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