Thursday, November 19, 2015


I love my nephews!! They are the best little people
I know! Today I had the chance to spend some
time w/ my best friends Eli and Isaac!
Eli and Isaac both had runny noses
and weren't feeling the best.
Eli even told me he died and layed on the couch
for a few minutes. (That isn't like him). Eli
got out all the toilet paper and paper towels
in the pantry and made towers for quite
a few minutes. I sat on the floor next to him
and looked something up on my phone.
I then had to quickly grab his brother in his room
and set my phone down. I came back later and
couldn't find my phone ANYWHERE!
I even pulled out the fridge.
I then lost Eli. He had opened the front door and ran
away! when I caught up w/ him he was on his
way to Las Vegas I'm sure!
I decided I needed to bring out the big guns!
The sand box it was. It was warm outside and I needed
a drink I stepped in for 2 seconds and
came out to Isaac who is normally
a total tow head sporting chocolate milk
covered hair and every inch of his body had sand on
it or in it. Not to mention the new sandy facial hair.
I then decided baths were in order. I filled the tub 
    and Isaac cried bloody murder while I tried to quickly
wash the sand from his soft body.
Eli tried to get as much water out of the tub in
the shortest time possible.
We got re-diapered and turned on a show.
My sister came home and knew which hidey hole
to check for my phone. But right before we
looked in the right place we looked under the couch.
There sat 6 green apples w/ little tiny bites taken out of each one
and then lovely lodged behind the couch.
Wonder who did that?
My sister is on call for those little sweeties 24/7.
She is Wonder Woman! I am not and I need a nap!! 

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