Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today's Flowers!

It's still cold in Utah and I still have a cold!! Today I decided to just let my body heal.

In my tiny town it's large junk clean up.  

They place GUARDED dumpsters around the town for people to get rid of big "JUNK".

I am shocked and horrified at what people have thrown away. We are such a wasteful people!

I guess nothing changes unless one person stands up and asks for change!?

Happy Spring!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I love to teach Primary! Sometimes I need help though. Are these not the CUTEST!!

Nike Yoga Pants

It happened like this...I got to work noticed my glasses where super dirt so I washed them...went to grab a new hand towel and noticed  we were low so I popped in the the wash room to pop in a load. I have been very sick w/ a horrible head could for a few day and I'm still feeling quick "under the weather" . I am a bit shaky and POURED BLEACH down my favorite pair of pants!! I could lay on the floor and cry!

I thought "no worries" I can just hop over to my friend Ebay...HA ha ha! They are selling for 39.00 on Ebay. I am heart broken. Kate gets Prince William today and I get bleach on my favorite trousers!! Life is ROUGH!!!

If you happen on any Nike Yoga Pants size them for me huh?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I keep getting colds...what is wrong w/ me.
Today I feel like I laid under a very long train!
I use no less then 20 lysol wipes a day anddddddd
lysol anything and everything that will hold still long enough.
**Sniff Sniff**

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love to see my Temple!!

Work is going quickly on my little temple. I think it is starting to look like a temple even.
Now if we could just work on this weather....grrr!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

At the last moment the Master could have turned back.
 But He did not.
 He passed beneath all things that
He might save all things: the human race,
 the earth, and all the life that ever inhabited it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday is a Speical's the day we get ready for Sunday!

-When I wake up early on Saturday it is far more painful then a weekday!
-Someone should invent and "app" telling us if a Yard Sale is crappy before we drive all the way there.
-Still have a crush on Wills and Kate!!
-I had some work done to pretty up a tooth and now it is super sensitive!! BLAH!!
-I am always shocked that often the lame stuff I sell on sells before the good stuff.
-Today was COLD!!
-I love a grape hyacinth. Such a happy little flower!
-I could go for some Jelly Beans right now!
-I love to color eggs but would never eat one!!

*** I believe strongly in the buddy system!! Sign up to join me at the 365!! I need a travel buddy!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Have a seat!!

Last night I took "my girls" (group home) to a safety fair in the neighborhood! They offered free chair massages! I love free so I gave it a whirl! The woman gushed about how many "knots" I was hosting and took her elbow to them. I honestly almost barfed! No really. I think I might have a serious "knot issue" that should be dealt w/ rather quickly!

The home on the road to NO WHERE!! (Home Tour III)

Hello!! Look how cute this purse/mail box is on the front door!

I love a frame in a frame!!  

Who has cute center pieces like this on any given Thursday? Tristan's mom!! 

Look at this DARLING pantry door! Perfectly SaBBy!  

Darling Master Bedroom...Look at the patterns! Love them together!  

Worlds cutes washroom! I love that tiny green chair!

Painted faux bead board!! 

More little chairs!! CUte! 

Tristan's mom (I didn't catch your name!
 I was to busy running around w/ my mouth wide open in every room of your home!)
 THANKS so much for the awesome home tour!!
Your home is amazing!! I might just move in!!

Happy Day!!

Hey Earth....Thanks a lot!!

Another Crush!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Often we learn by trial and error but sometimes we are blessed to have someone in our lives who has great wisdom. When I was little Merle was one of the Grandmas of the neighborhood. She was smart and kind and a hard worker. She could do and make just about anything and seemed happy doing it. She had a quiet and kind sort of wisdom. When called upon she was always willing to serve. Today she waits w/ a strong, kind and hopeful faith to be reunited w/ her loved ones on the other side.

Because of her life mine is better!
Happy Birthday Merle!

Merle w/ her Mother.

Merle suffered from many illnesses as a child.
She was the only person in Box Elder County to get polio at Peach Days.
This awful illness changed her life. Her home was quarantined for months!

One year Merle was so in love w/ a handsome young man she decided to ask for nothing for Christmas! Her parents gave her the 5 dollars they had saved and she went and had this picture taken for her true LOVE! Romantic Right? 

Merle could sew and sew she did!!! She even helped me in high school when my sewing class was a trial!
Most sewing tricks I know, I know because of Merle!


 Merle went in to the hospital to have her one sweet child and was surprised when she left to have 3 sweet daughters. For many years her and her daughters were celebrities in our small town!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Nest! (Home Tour House II)

Ms. Cami thanks for having us come to your house. It is darling times 10 and always clean. (How does one do that?) The thing that I love most about Cami's house is she doesn't have clutter. Her taste is very simple and very cleaver! Cami is very thrifty but you never know it looking at her cute decor!

I love all the "P's"! GO PACKERS!

Super cute mantel...super poor photo!

Simple but darling!!

Cami loves a good silhouette or three!

Thanks again!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The house on the corner! (Home Tour House I)

Ms. Tristan's house is DARLING, old and tiny. This little lady was built in the 1800's so it has seen it's share of horse pulled wagons drive past! It's porch decor is ever changing. I love the faux fire place and I love when the decor is AQUA!

This tiny pass though from the kitchen to the front room makes me smile! It reminds me of a story book mouse hole!

A "glass" full of door hardware! Love!

This down stairs bedroom is used by an expecting mother who wants to be close to the bathroom!
 Look it even has a sink in it so a drink of water is only an arm reach away! So B and B!!

Need some cheap kitchen art? FORKS!! Aren't they darling?  

The cupboards are metal w/ a new coat of paint and some magnets they are a gallery!  

Bird silhouettes and that darling stencil that I see bringing continuity to every corner!

This is my favorite part of the house...the vase filled w/ glasses. Adds a splash of color and lots of interest!

The bed was built in to maximise on this tiny master!

I love a polka dot and I love a chippy letter! Ms. Tristan's sons room.

Thanks so much Tristan! LOVED your house so I have even more reason to
covet (in a total righteous way) your cute adobe!!