Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Often we learn by trial and error but sometimes we are blessed to have someone in our lives who has great wisdom. When I was little Merle was one of the Grandmas of the neighborhood. She was smart and kind and a hard worker. She could do and make just about anything and seemed happy doing it. She had a quiet and kind sort of wisdom. When called upon she was always willing to serve. Today she waits w/ a strong, kind and hopeful faith to be reunited w/ her loved ones on the other side.

Because of her life mine is better!
Happy Birthday Merle!

Merle w/ her Mother.

Merle suffered from many illnesses as a child.
She was the only person in Box Elder County to get polio at Peach Days.
This awful illness changed her life. Her home was quarantined for months!

One year Merle was so in love w/ a handsome young man she decided to ask for nothing for Christmas! Her parents gave her the 5 dollars they had saved and she went and had this picture taken for her true LOVE! Romantic Right? 

Merle could sew and sew she did!!! She even helped me in high school when my sewing class was a trial!
Most sewing tricks I know, I know because of Merle!


 Merle went in to the hospital to have her one sweet child and was surprised when she left to have 3 sweet daughters. For many years her and her daughters were celebrities in our small town!


Camilla said...

What amazing pictures and such a sweet post. I love, love old photos. What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful "grandma". :)

And my house is NOT always clean...but thanks anyway. :)

Purple Quilter Queen said...

What a great story! Those babies look just like her at that age. Hope she has a blessed birthday. Jenn

Leslie said...

Is she 97 or 98 today?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thanks for sharing my dad also had polio and his sister so that brought back memories your both lucky to have your paths crossed ...

Lucille said...

Love this story! It caught my attention as my sister's name is Merle, my dad never liked names in Spanish and we thought we were so special because no one had either one of our names back home but soon realized after moving to the states that our names were "old fashioned" but who cares we still love our names... Ü