Friday, April 29, 2011

Nike Yoga Pants

It happened like this...I got to work noticed my glasses where super dirt so I washed them...went to grab a new hand towel and noticed  we were low so I popped in the the wash room to pop in a load. I have been very sick w/ a horrible head could for a few day and I'm still feeling quick "under the weather" . I am a bit shaky and POURED BLEACH down my favorite pair of pants!! I could lay on the floor and cry!

I thought "no worries" I can just hop over to my friend Ebay...HA ha ha! They are selling for 39.00 on Ebay. I am heart broken. Kate gets Prince William today and I get bleach on my favorite trousers!! Life is ROUGH!!!

If you happen on any Nike Yoga Pants size them for me huh?

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