Friday, April 15, 2011

"Mama said their'd be days like this!"

I have a WEIRD LIFE...ask my friend Callie!! Callie always says "Woah you have a weird life!"

Today one of the girl where I work said "Come quick and look!!" I thought I'd see a spider or butterfly but no a HUGE hot air balloon! Nothing says peaceful spring day like this baby!!

I also stopped in to a yard sale and picked up all this for a dollar!! YIPEE!! 

Hoodie .25
Cardi .25
Yummy soft leopard pj pants I'd only buy for a quarter! 
A huge roll of red and white polka dot wrapping paper? .25 

Can't wait to share pictures of the Home Tour yesterday!
 I need a nap now though...and my flip flop toes are SCREAMING for a pedicure!! 
Happy Spring!

1 comment:

Harmony said...

I liked all your fun clothes yesterday... who knew that you bought all of them for less than one George Washington! And with a ruffle, to boot!! Maybe I'll be as lucky at the City-wide yardsale!?!?!?!