Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Mostly I don't!
Click here and check out # 15!!
Yep I took this picture at the thrift store.
The lamp is about 4 feet tall and super ugly!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look Up!

My friend Erin gave me a PRIVATE home tour
the other day and some produce!
I didn't bring my camera! DARN IT!!
(I'll have to go back!) Next time I'll take one of her cute girls home
w/ me! So cute! Along w/ her girls Erin's house is DARLING!
She has some ceilings she is working on though and that got me to thinking!
What are some fun options for ceilings?? Hmmmm!
Wall Paper!
Bead Board!

Book Pages!!

The sky (or the ceiling) is the limit!!

Ten Cents!

This my friend is my favorite
yard sale find this weekend.
*I also got 4 brand new GAP dress pants for a
*A few other odds and ends found their way into my life too!
Have you used Dr. Bronner's soap!? You should!
Happy Summer! (Still?)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Today while at the Dr's office w/ a resident.
I heard them call "Heather Robinson" on the over head speaker.
I thought "wait how do they know I am here!"
(I know my name isn't Robinson but usually it is said that way!)
I walked toward the nurse who called my name and so did another girl.
I then turned around an walked away.
There is a girl in my tiny town who has
a name just (kinda) like mine. It was so funny!!
And strangely weird!!

My Morning @ the Temple!

The other day I woke up at the crack of dawn to volunteer
at the temple! It was not "fun" but a GREAT experience!
Here is what I learned and saw!
*I met and saw people from all over the world!
*I watched the reminder to "Lift where you stand!" Put into practice!
Even if you can only lift a little it makes a difference!
*I love to people watch!
*Tiny people hate shoe covers!
*The parking garage is HOT!!
*Mormons know how to dress! I saw so many cute clothes and shoes!
*I saw people from all walks of life.
*I knew a lot of people were coming but I was shocked at the
masses of people. Every few minutes a new bus would unload.
*Water is priceless when I am sweating to death!
*People were polite and kind even when their was a huge bottle neck.
*The teenagers I worked w/ were hard workers, happy and so glad to be there.
There is hope for the future.
*No matter where you are there is someone to talk to and a friend to make!
Happy Summer!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Logan Utah


My sister called last night to see if I
had any idea about what to do w/ our
niece's for the last day of summer!
I told her I'd put on my thinking cap and get back to her
Nowa days my thinking cap looks a lot
like Google. What did we do before Google?
I happened on this site! I love sites like hers!
It lead me to this site!
Which in turn led me here!

I had lots of suggestions for my sister.
Hyrum Dam being the winner in my book.
Herms's Inn looks like a winner in my book!
A must see I dare say!

Happy Summer! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I wonder!!

I got LOST!
I get lost a lot! It usta freak me out
but now I find it an adventure!
(unless I am LATE for something!)
I can always un lose my self by going
 toward the mountains! 

This little house is intriguing.

Who lived here?
Where were they from?
Did they make the adobe brick that line
their walls? How did they know how?
Why was this location chosen?
Were there children in this home?

The roof reminds me of a thatched
roof in England!

I love that the windows and
door are perfectly centered.

Had I had on proper foot wear and a large ditch
w/ cat tales didn't loom in the foreground,I
would have taken a closer look.

I love old. It makes me wonder!

Friday, August 17, 2012


I got to go IN here!

They asked us not to take photos inside.
You'll have to take my word for it..It was
Wonderfully Beautiful!

I felt the power of Gods love while walking the temples hallowed halls!

I think this guy sitting across the street was jealous!
Wouldn't you be?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Craft Lake City Adventure!

Was HOT!! So hot I had a sweat mustache nearly the whole time.
So hot the soles of my feet were hot! I brought a jug of water
and nearly drunk the WHOLE thing! SO HOT!!
But fun!

I saw this sign:

And made this bracelet! I hope I win the contest I entered in!
I did get 2 free stamps for trying though and I HEART free!

I saw this (below) and thought what a fun idea!

I ran into her:

My favorite shop of the day:

The high light of my day!
A golden fire hydrant! Willy Wonka can't be far off!

My bestest bestest part! Hang'n w/ the sweaty, tired little man!

Friday, August 10, 2012


The year was 2002! The place Salt Lake City!
The event? A metals ceremony at the winter
Olympics! I watched w/ my hand on my heart
the American flag being raised and a person getting
a  gold metal! Seriously POWERFUL!!

*I was so cold I nearly died.
*Bob Sagget was there.
*I think Steve Young was too!
*I had hand warmers in my shoes and
on my hands!
*I saw my first digital camera!
*Dave Matthews was there and
we had free tickets to his concert!
*It was SOOO COLD!!
*It was foggy on the way home!
*Athletes abound!
*Media had scared away the average Joe! Pity!
*My baby sister my side kick!

Monday, August 6, 2012


It is so hot! I am tired of hot!
I thrifted a stack of the cute
rhyming cards below!
(only one pictured!)
Love it!

Look at Ms. Honeybee's house! She has school
decor in every corner! I bet she was an A+ student!!

I rented the book below from the library and LOVE it!!
You totally need to check this one out!
When the weather cools I'll be a
Concrete Master!

I NEED one of these heart shapped stepping stones!
(from the book!)

I just made Zukkinni (I know) Bread!
Better go taste test it!!

Happy Summer!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Us crafty folks like to be around other crafty folks it seems!
Last year I went to Craft Lake City! It wasn't what I expected. I expected mommy
bloggers and what not. It was the more of a  hippy/punkie w/ a couple mommy bloggers
(maybe!) kinda shin dig! There was lots to see and it was BLOOM'N hot but really intresting!
I love a person who can sell their goods. Talent a bounds and people are happy.

Go and bring a big glassa water!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The last of my vacation pictures!!

"To listen and to pray".

So in a few short days my temple will open to
ANYONE for tours!
Come, visit, take a 'look see'! It is
I may even be the person handing you
blue booties to wear while you look at this
wonder smack dab in the center or my tiny town!

It really is a
Modern Day Miracle!
And I am happy and willing to share!!