Saturday, August 18, 2012

I wonder!!

I got LOST!
I get lost a lot! It usta freak me out
but now I find it an adventure!
(unless I am LATE for something!)
I can always un lose my self by going
 toward the mountains! 

This little house is intriguing.

Who lived here?
Where were they from?
Did they make the adobe brick that line
their walls? How did they know how?
Why was this location chosen?
Were there children in this home?

The roof reminds me of a thatched
roof in England!

I love that the windows and
door are perfectly centered.

Had I had on proper foot wear and a large ditch
w/ cat tales didn't loom in the foreground,I
would have taken a closer look.

I love old. It makes me wonder!

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