Friday, August 24, 2012

My Morning @ the Temple!

The other day I woke up at the crack of dawn to volunteer
at the temple! It was not "fun" but a GREAT experience!
Here is what I learned and saw!
*I met and saw people from all over the world!
*I watched the reminder to "Lift where you stand!" Put into practice!
Even if you can only lift a little it makes a difference!
*I love to people watch!
*Tiny people hate shoe covers!
*The parking garage is HOT!!
*Mormons know how to dress! I saw so many cute clothes and shoes!
*I saw people from all walks of life.
*I knew a lot of people were coming but I was shocked at the
masses of people. Every few minutes a new bus would unload.
*Water is priceless when I am sweating to death!
*People were polite and kind even when their was a huge bottle neck.
*The teenagers I worked w/ were hard workers, happy and so glad to be there.
There is hope for the future.
*No matter where you are there is someone to talk to and a friend to make!
Happy Summer!

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