Saturday, April 27, 2013


*I love a grape hyacinth!
*Nothing like the think smell of BO wafting in the thrift store.
*The sun shore bright and warm today kissing every ones cheeks!
*My nephew came to me..of his own free will! Swoon!
*Flip flops have no support!
*It is impressive to watch my brother in law
build things! He thinks so hard!! SO HARD!
*I am having deep thoughts about the fairy garden!
*I went to many yard sales today and didn't buy a thing! LAME!
*I hate when I wait till I get "sugar shakes" to eat! It makes for an un happy me!
*I feel like a spent the day at the blown and dry!
*I need a foot rub!!!
*Yes dear sister you do have to spend at least 10.00
to use your ten dollar Kohl's card from the mail!
It causes me anxiety every time!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Millers!!!


At Relief Society we traded service w/ another person!
My service was design! The service given me was...COOKIES!
Below is Karen's service!!

W/ out further ado!


Office/ Guest Room
Threshold™ Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug
Target Rug 99.00
Maples Fretwork Rug Collection
Target Rug 79.99
Rizzy Home T-3599 18'' Decorative Pillow in Off White / Yellow (Set of 2)
D.L. Rhein Zig Zag Down-Filled Embroidered Pillow
TRÅDKLÖVER Cushion cover IKEA Zipper makes the cover easy to remove for washing.
Threshold™ Pintuck Toss Pillow (20x20") 24.99



  Floor Link

Wall Stripes?

 Stripe Link


 Art Link:


Ikea Art:
PJÄTTERYD Picture IKEA Motif created by Eva Charlotte Fransson. The picture has extra depth and life because it's printed on high quality canvas.
Color Idea:



My friend Jessica Alba sent me a care package!
Thanks Jessica!
Love the packaging! So cute!!


I ordered the free starter kit. It cost me 5 bucks (shipping only)
They have a baby one too! Can't wait to try it!!
Totally earth and body friendly!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I heart a fairy garden!!


I need a fairy garden!
(google fairy garden images!)
So cute and so tiny and so perfect!
A tiny piece of paradise!
"To cultivate a garden is to walk w/ God"
Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 22, 2013


I bought this polish the other day at the Dollar Tree
and it is delish! Super creamy and great coverage!
I love cheap and WONDERFUL!
You should too!

Sunday, April 21, 2013



*It is my temple's first Spring!
*I nearly had a nervous break down yesterday!
*I love to kiss Theodore's squishie cheeks!
*I meet Sister Reeves of the Relief Society Gen. Presidency
last night..her goodness glows!
*I love a good peachie ring!
*I will drive a million miles for a good deal.
(Is it still a good deal if one drives a million miles?)
*I planted some wheat grass. I need to plant more!
*I would paint everything if I could!
*I gave Theodore a toy I had as a child (one just like it)
everyone yelled "Freaky" when he opened it! Rude!
Happy Spring!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Today 100 hundred years ago...

The world was changed forever!

A new life begun. The things this life would see. The
people this life would change.
No one knew when this child begun her life
that she would change the world!
Happy Birthday Sweet Merle!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I love me a random dandelion! I love a little chip or distressing!
I love strange and different! Miss Flower Patch says it best!
Different is good!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The world is a wild place but
 "God is not dead nor does he sleep!"
I won something! Wooot! Look here and be jealous!
I haven't blogged in forever! Not for lack of info!
I'll do a little catch up!
*April birthdays abound! Happy Happy to everyone celebrating!
*Baby Eli was blessed.
*It has been beautifully warm and snow flakes have flown!
*I am not a fan of cleaning GROSS fish tanks!
*I love a good home tour!
*My hair is so dry and fluffy lately!
*Some people will always be excited to see you fail.
*We will be celebrating 100 years of life w/ our dear friend!
*I love a good phone call to my favorite one year old!
*I made the most darling bow ties for my favorite tiny men!
Pajamas and a bowtie
*I most often need a nap!
*My mom share the word Natty
natty [ˈnætɪ]
adj -tier, -tiest
Informal smart in appearance or dress; spruce;
dapper a natty outfit
*My little sister adopted some tiny chickens!
She reported she didn't want to love them but she
is having such a hard time. They are just so cute!
*I had fried pickles last night...YUMMERS!
*It is kite flying weather today for sure!
*Can't leave the dollar store for less then five dollars!
Happy day and happy SPRING!