Saturday, April 27, 2013


*I love a grape hyacinth!
*Nothing like the think smell of BO wafting in the thrift store.
*The sun shore bright and warm today kissing every ones cheeks!
*My nephew came to me..of his own free will! Swoon!
*Flip flops have no support!
*It is impressive to watch my brother in law
build things! He thinks so hard!! SO HARD!
*I am having deep thoughts about the fairy garden!
*I went to many yard sales today and didn't buy a thing! LAME!
*I hate when I wait till I get "sugar shakes" to eat! It makes for an un happy me!
*I feel like a spent the day at the blown and dry!
*I need a foot rub!!!
*Yes dear sister you do have to spend at least 10.00
to use your ten dollar Kohl's card from the mail!
It causes me anxiety every time!

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