Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome Spring!!

*It is warm today!! Like shuck the jacket warm!

*Yesterday I was having a tiny phone issue!
My 3 year old nephew prompted me to "Just click on
the cross hatch!" by golly it worked!!
Smart kid!! P.S. What 3 year old says cross hatch?
*Same three year old nephew asked me
if I wanted to "hear the funny noise the cat
makes when I squeeze him!" I told him no!
* I could never be a farmer. Way to much poop is involved!
* I can do things but don't want to!
* I love that my tiny sister shares my addictions ! ! Casey Neistat
is so fantastic!!
*Sadness new shoes only stay new for a minute!!
*Puppies giving birth is painful even for the person watching!
*People are "nose blind" it is a thing!!

Happy Spring!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Simple Summer!

My sister and I were talking about summer.
She said her yard is to small for a big play structure!
Big or small you can pack you yard w/ fun!!

Image result for DIY kids outdoor balance beamImage result for DIY outdoor tic tac toe

Image result for DIY simple kids outdoor fort