Saturday, July 28, 2012

Book Report!!

I read this book yesterday!
It was amazing! I loved it!
It's a true story of powerful women
who never gave up!
It took me about an hour to read!
You should read it too!

The hydrangea hopped in my cart at Smith's!
It cost so much, but it is a tiny little vacation
in the form of a bloom! Love!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This week was spent in the Tetons w/ my mother's
 branch of the family tree and my darling sisters!
I learned a few things while gone:

*I am ALLERGIC to nature.
*I HATE road trips!
*When others have good food and I have a honey
sandwich I feel ENVY!
*I get killer SUNBURNS, even in the shade!
*Rooming w/ my sister and her "new husband"
*Tiny nephew...GREAT traveler!
*There was a line to hold TINY nephew nearly
the whole trip!
*I LOVE not sharing a bathroom!!
*I packed for a COLD was not!!
*I saw deer, a FOX and many squirrels!
(My brother in law, sister in law and sister saw a bear!
*I LOVE treasure hunts!
*Sleeping on a roll away so not COMFY!
*Some people snore..LOUD!
*I can do HARD things!
*I will smell like CAMP FIRE for a long time!
*My cousins kids are the CUTEST!
*I dig people who are MINDFUL of "the vegetarians" (me) in the forrest!
*I love the STILLNESS and the quietness of nature.
*Upon arriving home I got stung by a WASP and it
HURT Killer BAD!

Life is HARDER and BETTER then we can ever expect!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A handfull of seeds!

This Spring I dropped a couple hand fulls of
dollar store seeds in the washing tub!
 My word have they grown!
I sware they have grown a inch a day in the last few days!
Dear Zinnia's I love you!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrifting Scavenger Hunt for KIDS!!

I have found that kids nowa days are "board" unless they
have a screen only inches from their face. SAD!
Kids want instant gratification and they want it NOW!
Yesterday I took the nieces to the thrift store. One was Velcro-ed to my side
while the other was "Board!" I made a quick scavenger hunt and
 it kept them busy for a good 20 minutes.
 I knew in the store where they were (I made the list).
They were happy going from end to end of the air conditioned store,
(103 yesterday remember?) while I shopped a little.

Here is the list I gave them. Just for an idea! I made sure
to list things on opposite ends of the store to get little legs moving!

*One baby outfit w/ a dog on it!
*Yo Yo.
*Pink Shoes.
*A swimming suit.
*A lamp.
*A bike.
*A broom.
*A broom.
*1 board game.
*Tiny shoes!

After the hunt we went to get Free Slurpees for the reward!

Some of the things the girls found were brought back to me to laugh at some were not.
I had a 3x5 card I wrote the list on and sent them w/ a pen. If the list were longer they'd need
a clip board. Each child might want a list too. For little kids in your cart pictures of the items might be fun for them to spot while you shop. Aweee the joys of thrifting!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


*103 today!
*104 tomorrow! I could swoon! Kill me now!
*Today was FREE Slurpee day! My nieces thought I the coolest!
*I ordered these flip flops from a random online company and today I received a
hotel shower cap! BLAH!! The people at Paypal returned my money!
Thank Paypal People! At the end of the conversation w/ the Paypal
man he told me to "enjoy that shower cap"! and let out a tiny giggle.
*My niece almost killed over when we only made fifty cents at
out lemon aid stand.
*When left in a home for long hour..I rearrange.organize and decorate!
Count yourself warned!!
*I gave the chickens ice cubes today! I don't know if they enjoyed
them but it made me feel better about the 103 temperature!
*My sister...expecting!
*I got this CD for a dollar today! Not bad!
*Sadly I may have to boycott the Logan DI! They are getting very very
crazy w/ their price guns!!
*Sport'n a nice sized SPOT on my cheek!
*My niece asked me today "Who thought of smoking!"
Oddly enough I thought the same thing while getting ready this morning!!
*I'd make an awful pioneer! Darn it!
I have a new hobby! I have mentioned it before. Tooth chipping! Well when
I have my tooth repaired it usually last 6 months. All time record 1 week. If that!

Happy Summer!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Report!

Yesterday I had the stomach flu something crazy fierce!
I thought I was going to die! I had the chills and the pains
and man was I sweaty!
I was also out of books. I'd read through my stack!
It was a sad sad day!

Today I feel much better! I went to get a new stack of books.
and even though it was 101 today.
I have a new outlook.
When one is well one has very little to complain about!
AC also helps a lot!!

Happy Summer!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A place of love and beauty!

The temple in my teeny tiny town is almost complete!

A pillar w/ a peach blossom!

The wheel barrows scream
"Not quite complete!!"


I love the reflection of the clouds in the front window!

If you look hard you can see the tabernacle!

In the foreground an apricot tree!! 

Happy Summer!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I take a sack lunch to work every evening! They get boring fast!
However my new meal of choice...
Frozen yogurt! Yummers!
I add it to the freezer about 3 hours before I eat...
and it is perf! Try it!
Happy Summer!