Wednesday, July 11, 2012


*103 today!
*104 tomorrow! I could swoon! Kill me now!
*Today was FREE Slurpee day! My nieces thought I the coolest!
*I ordered these flip flops from a random online company and today I received a
hotel shower cap! BLAH!! The people at Paypal returned my money!
Thank Paypal People! At the end of the conversation w/ the Paypal
man he told me to "enjoy that shower cap"! and let out a tiny giggle.
*My niece almost killed over when we only made fifty cents at
out lemon aid stand.
*When left in a home for long hour..I rearrange.organize and decorate!
Count yourself warned!!
*I gave the chickens ice cubes today! I don't know if they enjoyed
them but it made me feel better about the 103 temperature!
*My sister...expecting!
*I got this CD for a dollar today! Not bad!
*Sadly I may have to boycott the Logan DI! They are getting very very
crazy w/ their price guns!!
*Sport'n a nice sized SPOT on my cheek!
*My niece asked me today "Who thought of smoking!"
Oddly enough I thought the same thing while getting ready this morning!!
*I'd make an awful pioneer! Darn it!
I have a new hobby! I have mentioned it before. Tooth chipping! Well when
I have my tooth repaired it usually last 6 months. All time record 1 week. If that!

Happy Summer!

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