Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This week was spent in the Tetons w/ my mother's
 branch of the family tree and my darling sisters!
I learned a few things while gone:

*I am ALLERGIC to nature.
*I HATE road trips!
*When others have good food and I have a honey
sandwich I feel ENVY!
*I get killer SUNBURNS, even in the shade!
*Rooming w/ my sister and her "new husband"
*Tiny nephew...GREAT traveler!
*There was a line to hold TINY nephew nearly
the whole trip!
*I LOVE not sharing a bathroom!!
*I packed for a COLD vacation..it was not!!
*I saw deer, a FOX and many squirrels!
(My brother in law, sister in law and sister saw a bear!
*I LOVE treasure hunts!
*Sleeping on a roll away so not COMFY!
*Some people snore..LOUD!
*I can do HARD things!
*I will smell like CAMP FIRE for a long time!
*My cousins kids are the CUTEST!
*I dig people who are MINDFUL of "the vegetarians" (me) in the forrest!
*I love the STILLNESS and the quietness of nature.
*Upon arriving home I got stung by a WASP and it
HURT Killer BAD!

Life is HARDER and BETTER then we can ever expect!!


Anonymous said...

Did you tell them ahead of time that you were a vegetarian? Was it a big group? What should they have done?

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

They knew! It was a very large group! They did what they could and that was VERY KIND!! Some people went the extra mile and that was super duper yummy and thoughtful!!