Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrifting Scavenger Hunt for KIDS!!

I have found that kids nowa days are "board" unless they
have a screen only inches from their face. SAD!
Kids want instant gratification and they want it NOW!
Yesterday I took the nieces to the thrift store. One was Velcro-ed to my side
while the other was "Board!" I made a quick scavenger hunt and
 it kept them busy for a good 20 minutes.
 I knew in the store where they were (I made the list).
They were happy going from end to end of the air conditioned store,
(103 yesterday remember?) while I shopped a little.

Here is the list I gave them. Just for an idea! I made sure
to list things on opposite ends of the store to get little legs moving!

*One baby outfit w/ a dog on it!
*Yo Yo.
*Pink Shoes.
*A swimming suit.
*A lamp.
*A bike.
*A broom.
*A broom.
*1 board game.
*Tiny shoes!

After the hunt we went to get Free Slurpees for the reward!

Some of the things the girls found were brought back to me to laugh at some were not.
I had a 3x5 card I wrote the list on and sent them w/ a pen. If the list were longer they'd need
a clip board. Each child might want a list too. For little kids in your cart pictures of the items might be fun for them to spot while you shop. Aweee the joys of thrifting!!

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Rosalinda Hone said...

It’s important to make kids flex their brains. Instead of just letting them sit down and watch TV, a good board game will surely keep them busy. A scavenger hunt is an exciting activity that no kid would dare to resist! By the way, a slurpee is a very delicious reward!

-Rosalinda Hone