Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pottery Barn CHEAP!

I love Pottery Barn and I like it cheap!
Today I happened here!! It didn't disappoint!
Well only that it is closing!! But the nice man said they
hoped to open one in Layton. We'll see!
This place is a bit off the beaten path..
3505 West 3500 South
West Valley City, Utah 84120
                                                             Phone: 801-968-1872
Call before you go! The man
said he wasn't 100% when they'd close
for sure. I am guessing as long as the stuff lasts.

This place isn't for the faint of heart. Lots of digging.
Lots of broken stuff and pieces. Some weird monograms.
Lots of guessing at prices! But oh what fun!!
Happy Spring!!


At an upcoming event I am teaching
a class on making this banner!!
It will be fun and free so I'll keep ya posted!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



It has been so dark and gray for to long. The sun is shining bright today...
and I relish the light and the quiet cool heat. Swoon!!
*I spray painted my shoe by mistake the other day. LAME!
*Taking off hot pink nail pint left my finger tips day glow!
*I love that Theodore says "OH MY" when something  is over whelming
awesome or crazy bad.
*I walked in Theodore's pitch black room the other
day to get him from a nap. He couldn't see me but kept asking "Who is this?"
It was not the voice that most often gets him from his crib!
* I went to another ward this week. So many things struck me as funny:
-Most of the boys wore bow ties.
-I saw a boy w/ a crochet tie.
-I sat near a burly man and mid meeting he pulled out the
most feminine fan that was Lacy and lovely and
used it the whole meeting.
-Every ward has the exact same people. They just look different and
have different names.
* I happened on this Anne Of Green Gables quote page today.
Full of a treasure trove. HERE.
*Boring meetings do me in!!
*I was cutting a tag off a shirt and cut the shirt. SO LAME!
*Do you know Ellie? I just met her on Facebook and Youtube!
You can meet her HERE!!
*I grabbed a box of bulbs today to plant
and they were already sprouting!!
*I am always please to see all my favorite tines in one place!!
*Theodore most often has something in his hand.
He just likes to hold stuff. A measuring spoon, a
paint brush or a fork.
*Theodore comes from Evans stalk and will
most often let you know if things are "MESSY!"
Grandpa Evans would be proud!
Happy Spring!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book report!

Rachel Ashwell's new book. I was one who loved to
buy and pour over Ms. Rachel's books but
this one was a good free library read!! Ms. Holly's review!
A few light easy reads.
I am off to a new stack today!
Right after I dust off my snow boots!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

To Market, To market, off we go To Market!

A few weeks ago before I befell this dreadful
via her blog! I had to go!!
To Market
5th No. and Main in Kaysville Utah.

 Lovelies just west of the store. I along w/ the Rehab addict
could swoon!!

PS: To Market is on facebook!
They do weddings and parties too!
The store...way smaller then I thought it would be!
However chuck full of great ideas!