Tuesday, February 18, 2014



It has been so dark and gray for to long. The sun is shining bright today...
and I relish the light and the quiet cool heat. Swoon!!
*I spray painted my shoe by mistake the other day. LAME!
*Taking off hot pink nail pint left my finger tips day glow!
*I love that Theodore says "OH MY" when something  is over whelming
awesome or crazy bad.
*I walked in Theodore's pitch black room the other
day to get him from a nap. He couldn't see me but kept asking "Who is this?"
It was not the voice that most often gets him from his crib!
* I went to another ward this week. So many things struck me as funny:
-Most of the boys wore bow ties.
-I saw a boy w/ a crochet tie.
-I sat near a burly man and mid meeting he pulled out the
most feminine fan that was Lacy and lovely and
used it the whole meeting.
-Every ward has the exact same people. They just look different and
have different names.
* I happened on this Anne Of Green Gables quote page today.
Full of a treasure trove. HERE.
*Boring meetings do me in!!
*I was cutting a tag off a shirt and cut the shirt. SO LAME!
*Do you know Ellie? I just met her on Facebook and Youtube!
You can meet her HERE!!
*I grabbed a box of bulbs today to plant
and they were already sprouting!!
*I am always please to see all my favorite tines in one place!!
*Theodore most often has something in his hand.
He just likes to hold stuff. A measuring spoon, a
paint brush or a fork.
*Theodore comes from Evans stalk and will
most often let you know if things are "MESSY!"
Grandpa Evans would be proud!
Happy Spring!!

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