Saturday, February 28, 2015


Today I noticed my nephew had a very runny nose.
I asked him if he was getting sick.
"No" he answered w/ rosy cheeks.
 I asked if his nose was getting sick
  "Yes and it keeps throwing up!"
He stated!
 Love that kid!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Carly my idol!!

Once a long long time ago.
I met a like minded woman at her yard sale.
I called my friend to come to partake of the yard sale too and
they too became friends. Her name is Carly. 
She is a BEAUTY. She is a cleaver diva too.
Her design style and sassy pants are
out of this world!
Today I dropped by her beautiful home! Swoon.
In her garage I noticed this:

Are you kidding me? I love this. She said it was from Pintrest.
The lady follows through and does pintrest projects too!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Boom Clap...

*I woke up w/ Boom Clap in my head!
*Job interviews are lame.
*Sugar cookie play date? Yes please.
*My two tiny nephews have awful cold.
I clear my throat just thinking of them breathing.
*I hate when the carpet cleaner dies mid clean!!
*Lemon addiction as of lately.
* The grass is always greener...I hate that!!
*Warm sun makes me happy!
*If I clean my car...something exciting is going to
happen w/ in 24 hours to make it un clean. So worth it!
Decorated Sugar Cookies

This happened!

A conversation w/ my almost 3 year old nephew.
T: Auntie remember you can't take Lincoln home! He
belongs here.
Me: I won't take him home. I just like to pretend he is my baby.
T: Oh pretend? Do you want to pretend this house and
those chickens are yours too?
I agreed and we went on happily about our business!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Some days are dark.
Even thought this winter has been
delishly warm.  I love me some
LIGHT! I am solar powered after all.
Heidi Swapp Marquee Love @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsmarqueelove #diy #marquee #signs
I love tiny things!
I love that Michaels has these babies
on sale for 6.50. Swoon!!
I love that you can sass them up your self!!
It's a win win!!