Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sit back and put your feet up!!

I love a place to rest my feet!!
I do not have one at work..and I wanted one! 
 I saw this lovely at DI! 3 bucks! I could handle three!
 Sadly her lovely aqua cover was trashed and torn.

So I recovered her! I also added plastic.
 Some of my friends are dirty!
I looked high and low for a upholstery needle...also I could find none!
So I used a bamboo squire and duct tape
 to attach the cute little button.
 Isn't covering buttons like magic!? SO FUN!

Her legs aren't perfect. They kinda distressed themselves.
Sighhh! I think I should have primed them and
 maybe paint in the dark isn't such a good idea!?

The corners were rough too...but I am not perfect nor are my foot stools! (Like I have many!)

Oh well...I am happy over all and it was a fun little project and
I learned how I'll do it better next time. That is all that counts...isn't it?

***Remember the flood we had? Well we (meaning me)
 are having an online "Flood Sale"!! Here are the first to goodies!!

Cute Vintage Lunch Box 5.00

Darling glass almost cake plate (it dishes in the center so it isn't totally flat)!
 About 12" a cross and sparkly as ever!! 5.00

Happy Summer!
(Can't wait till jacket weather!!)


While at work..about 8 pm..I get hungry for a snack. Popcorn usually hits the spot and is a healthy treat. While walking the isles of NPS the other day...I happened on this little number. Salt and lime? I wasn't so sure...but for 99 cents I chanced it...and my word is it good. While it pops it makes the room smell like lime...and when it is eaten it is light and refreshing not heavy like normal heavy popcorn.

You should put it at the top of your next shopping list!!

Happy Summer!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have nothing to report. Nothing! Ok a few things and some random pictures I took while in Logan the other day! I had no idea what THIS building was until I goggled my heart out tonight. Interesting huh? Here are my thoughts as of late:

NPS you are totally letting me down lately!
I am tired of being hot...I think I am more of a jacket girl.
I still need a vacation.
Niece reports she is over the hair cut horror we lived through last week. Fewww! 
Had a teeny tiny accident on the lawn mower this week...don't think I'll ever mow again!
It gets dark so early..."It's beginning to feel a lot like "Peach Days"!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I feel...

Lately I feel like I am stuck in molasses!
It will pass and I'll be back to share all my fun projects I have been working on!
 Happy HOT Summer!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I like to move it move it!!!

I have been busy!! Lost of projects on going.
 I am also gearing up to teach a music and movement class weekly to darling preschoolers!
 Do you have preschoolers who wanta join? Let me know!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Feelings...nothing more then feeelings....

-I didn't feel well today!
-Yard sales were a total bust!
-Head lice freaks me out!
I had to leave so many goodies at the thrift store today. Broke my heart!
The Help should be required watching!!
I hate secrets!
I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to spray paint in the dark.
I prefer raspberry jam WAY more the strawberry!
I went to a very sad pet chicken funeral this week!
I'd love to have a cleaning lady!
Nearly every project I worked on today...went south!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Staff Only!

The staff bathroom at work was a little questionable! It was a dingy white. Loadsa perma gross and the vanity was made out of cardboard and falling apart.

I painted the little room...green and added a bird! Everything is better w/ a bird on it!! No really EVERYTHING! I also put layer after layer of paint on the vanity...and sprayed the hardware. Aweee good as new!! (Almost I still have the other walls to do!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Upholstery Needle!

I am in the middle of a "cheap" project!
 Which is ending up costing a lot!
 That happenes to often!!
 I need a 6 inch-ish sized needle..straight!


I hate having my photo taken! I do like the cute photo studio I happened on the other day!! It lives in an old hotel!

It has cool 100 year plus moulding!

Cool aqua stripes on the old uneven walls!

And here is where your feet stand!


A fruit bat..

A sweet little boy in my ward (3) leaned over the bench on
Sunday and asked quietly. "Can you draw me a fruit bat?."
 Kids always thinking!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Soft and Sweet!

I love tricot! It is soft, cool and smooth and doesn't stick to your jammies! Perfect for bedding and sweet dreams! I have had my eyes peeled for a new blanket! When I saw a BRAND NEW one the other day....Pleased was I!! Even a bluish/aqua!


 Then I saw this....UMMM hello!! What happened to "Thrift Store"?

I was SUPER bummed! I decided to look at the pink lovely next to this beauty...and hope that there was a typo w/ the pricing gun! I then saw this!! 


Craft Lake City!

My sister just called! Craft Lake City is TODAY!!!

Zoey the chicken!

Rest in peace!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today and lately!

*I love to see wheat fields and corn fields and we'll anything that is ready to be harvested! It reminds me of "The law of the harvest"!
*I took one of the ladies from work to her 35th high school reunion. People kept asking me if I also graduated w/ them. Hello people I was breast feeding when you graduated!!
*It is hard to get to the free stuff fast enough on KSL.com
* I have been w/ out a good book for a while now...today I went and got stacks! Here's hope'n I got some good ones!
*Every once in awhile I lose the "create'n bug" for a few days...It will be back though. I have repainted the bathroom at work. It looks LOADS better. I wish I woulda take before and afters...you'd be in awe!!

Happy Summer!

Friday, August 5, 2011

"Everything that is Lovely"

I happened on this lovely while volunteering today! (The Presbyterian Thrift Store is packed this weekend!) I would have brought her home but she was six dollars..doesn't fit into my quarter budget! Bummer! I did get 2 dollars worth of crafty bits though..so I am not to sad!

Speaking of cheap and fun...remember when I went to the 365 SWAP?? OH how fun it was! This Fall YOU CAN GO!!! No I am not kidding!! Look HERE!! For six bucks you and your peps can be VIP's!! Buy your tickets now before they run out!!

Oh and check out Melissa's pantry! So amazing!! Melissa is the one who invited me to the 365 in the spring! She is one crafty chick and has the most amazing house to prove it!!

Happy Summer!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Once upon a time....

I was searching KSL.com for nothing and everything. I love those mind numbing lulls in live! I happened on some wedding decor for sale. I not being in the market for said decor, contacted the seller just to gush! The decorator Megan Thorup replied like this:

Hi Heather!
Thanks for your nice comment!
I planned and decorated the wedding for my sister in law. It was the first and last for me. ;)
I don't have a blog but the photographer just posted all the pics on her blog.
Go look at the pictures...you'll swoon! Darling huh?? Nothing says beauty to me like junkie chic!! Happy Summer!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Breath....

I often want to just rush EVERYTHING...hurry hurry hurry! Make it quick. Can't wait for summer, can't wait for winter. It will be better tomorrow. Can't wait till Friday! I'll do it later.

I love this quote by Flower Patch Farm Girl:

"I'll still walk out of the cool just to feel the warm sidewalk underfoot. And my February self will make my August self promise to notice - to really feel the heat. It feels so dang good."

Go check out her blog!! She just posted an amazing link about holding on to the last drop of summer. It made me think deep thoughts!

It makes me remember to enjoy the right now...because some day I'll miss it. Soak in the heat because it will soon be cold. Love the little ones because soon they'll grow old. Slow down and just BE Still!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Water anyone?

Saturday I walked into the basement to find a inch of water and the water heater slowly emptying! No hot water this weekend...and cold showers. Really fun!! (not really)! Today I woke up and headed to the bathroom and found an inch of rain water waiting to greet me. Really? I live in a DESERT people!!

The one shining light of this moring. Ms. Southern Hospitality shows off everyones Yard Sale and Thrifty finds. I look forward to it weekly!!

Happy Summer!