Saturday, August 27, 2011

I have nothing to report. Nothing! Ok a few things and some random pictures I took while in Logan the other day! I had no idea what THIS building was until I goggled my heart out tonight. Interesting huh? Here are my thoughts as of late:

NPS you are totally letting me down lately!
I am tired of being hot...I think I am more of a jacket girl.
I still need a vacation.
Niece reports she is over the hair cut horror we lived through last week. Fewww! 
Had a teeny tiny accident on the lawn mower this week...don't think I'll ever mow again!
It gets dark so early..."It's beginning to feel a lot like "Peach Days"!


Callie said...

Totally looks like the building I got my bridals done at! I swear a hobo was living there (but wasn't present for the photo shoot).

I've been super hot lately, okay ALL summer too! But I have been loving the smoothies and ice cream sundaes I've eaten to cool off :)

Anonymous said...

So when is Peach day again ? I forgot . My hubby and I really want to go this year. I think it's Logan but not positive :D

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Callie you have a heater in wonder you are HOT!!

Click on the word Peach Days it will list dates and times!! Peach days is ALWAYS the week after Labor day!!

Happy Summer!

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

When we went to USU 15 years ago, we lived right across the street from this building in the red brick house. I seriously love that building!

Honeybee said...

My husband & I lived right to the East of that building it was in our backyard. I always loved walking by it & took our kids up there a few years ago & got pictures by it. I wish the Church would take care of it & fix it up. As I understand it it was where horses, carriages etc. were stored while people went to the temple. Cool old building! Loved living along the Boulevard & seeing the Temple right out our kitchen window.