Friday, August 5, 2011

"Everything that is Lovely"

I happened on this lovely while volunteering today! (The Presbyterian Thrift Store is packed this weekend!) I would have brought her home but she was six dollars..doesn't fit into my quarter budget! Bummer! I did get 2 dollars worth of crafty bits I am not to sad!

Speaking of cheap and fun...remember when I went to the 365 SWAP?? OH how fun it was! This Fall YOU CAN GO!!! No I am not kidding!! Look HERE!! For six bucks you and your peps can be VIP's!! Buy your tickets now before they run out!!

Oh and check out Melissa's pantry! So amazing!! Melissa is the one who invited me to the 365 in the spring! She is one crafty chick and has the most amazing house to prove it!!

Happy Summer!

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