Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today and lately!

*I love to see wheat fields and corn fields and we'll anything that is ready to be harvested! It reminds me of "The law of the harvest"!
*I took one of the ladies from work to her 35th high school reunion. People kept asking me if I also graduated w/ them. Hello people I was breast feeding when you graduated!!
*It is hard to get to the free stuff fast enough on KSL.com
* I have been w/ out a good book for a while now...today I went and got stacks! Here's hope'n I got some good ones!
*Every once in awhile I lose the "create'n bug" for a few days...It will be back though. I have repainted the bathroom at work. It looks LOADS better. I wish I woulda take before and afters...you'd be in awe!!

Happy Summer!


Callie said...

I had a dream about you and your family last night. It was crazy you had like 20 different couches in one room that you and Harm were trying to get rid of, but every one that was sold your family would go back and take it back and put it back in the basement, like you weren't going to notice! So weird right that I would dream that? Amyways, I am pretty sure this means we need to get together and do something.

Harmony said...

I would like to think its a coincidence that you dreamed about a house with 20 couches after visiting my house... but somehow I don't think it is, Little Callie! On another note, who doesn't love a couch in the kitchen?!?!