Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sit back and put your feet up!!

I love a place to rest my feet!!
I do not have one at work..and I wanted one! 
 I saw this lovely at DI! 3 bucks! I could handle three!
 Sadly her lovely aqua cover was trashed and torn.

So I recovered her! I also added plastic.
 Some of my friends are dirty!
I looked high and low for a upholstery needle...also I could find none!
So I used a bamboo squire and duct tape
 to attach the cute little button.
 Isn't covering buttons like magic!? SO FUN!

Her legs aren't perfect. They kinda distressed themselves.
Sighhh! I think I should have primed them and
 maybe paint in the dark isn't such a good idea!?

The corners were rough too...but I am not perfect nor are my foot stools! (Like I have many!)

Oh well...I am happy over all and it was a fun little project and
I learned how I'll do it better next time. That is all that counts...isn't it?

***Remember the flood we had? Well we (meaning me)
 are having an online "Flood Sale"!! Here are the first to goodies!!

Cute Vintage Lunch Box 5.00

Darling glass almost cake plate (it dishes in the center so it isn't totally flat)!
 About 12" a cross and sparkly as ever!! 5.00

Happy Summer!
(Can't wait till jacket weather!!)


Camilla said...

Heather, this is darling! I have an almost identical one in my garage waiting for the perfect fabric. I love yours, and what a great idea to use plastic! You did such a good job, you've inspired me to get going on mine!

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I really wish I would have sewn a slip over and stapled it on...but alas I was lazy! Don't make the same mistake Ms. C!! Can't wait to see yours!! I keep waiting for your front door to turn a wild color too!! Happy Summer!