Wednesday, December 31, 2014


 Today I took out the trash at work.
We have had crazy amounts of wind. Scary wild gale force winds.
 The wind blew up the trash can lid and it hit me in the face,
 broke my glasses and gave me a killer headache.
It was the first time I remember seeing stars.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tiny trees in a jar!

I am swoony about tiny pines in little jars! Cheap and darling!
A perfect duo! (Walmart has large packages of trees on Christmas clearance!)
*I love free stuff!
*My nephew happily introduced me to his grandma this week.
It was so gosh darn cute! (I see her almost weekly)
*While attending a family party my cousin asked me
the name of the child I was holding...and I couldn't think of his name for
a good five minutes. So random and so embarrassing!!
*This winter has been delishishly warm. Now it is sadly cold!
*I have the most random array of stuff in my car at any given moment!
*My nieces are getting old and it makes me sad!
*Employees who "call on" bad guys at Subway are so uncool!
*Waste is sickening!
*Today is my nephews happy second birthday! Wouldn't live
w/ out that happy little fella!!
*I love when all my wash is clean, but sadly it only lasts for hour!
 Merry Christmas and Happiest of new years!
No Really!!

A home w/ a view!

My brothers home is growing daily!

The best part is the views!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bag it!!

I love the lime green purse I have now!
I get at least a compliment a week on
that sweet baby! Sadly she is looking shabby! 
I found this duo for 3.50.
I love me a brand new leather
wallet. I love that it was fifty cents!
This purse is high end and just the right size.
I love that it is heavy duty
for all my crazy adventures!

It turned out!!!

My sister and I were talking about how not everything we
try to make or remake turns out.
Some times we get lucky and things turn out!!
I feel that way about this little darling!
We also talked about the masses of people
online right now begging for Christmas help
for their small families! How sad that they don't
realize that they can help themselves w/ a little
planning and a little elbow grease!
This item below is for my sweet Nephew.
I touched up something's and removed a few things
and added some cuteness (The "n" for his last name) and I know he will be please
as punch w/ this FIVE dollar purchase! DI is bursting at
the seams right now w/ lovely Christmas toys (ect) that
w/ a little love would make any child happy!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


What I learned out the soup kitchen tonight.
*Some people take their job to seriously.
*There are good people no matter where you look.
*Some Santa's are better then others!
*If people offer to help...let them.
*How come the vegetarian always
ends up serving Turkey?
*Hair nets are nasty!!
*I am BIG into presentation
even if no one else cares!
*There are sweet humble kids in the world.
Everyone doing there part equals Success!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Room in the INN!

Our new tiny town got a new little INN!
Whether we needed it or not!
It is beautiful!
Come and visit!



This book was super profound to me.
I identified w/ the young girl and
her older friend and the life lessens
they shared!
(Sexually violent 2 pages)
Totally worth a read!
It will change you too!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


While looking at Christmas lights w/ my
special needs friend tonight she exclaimed w/
 glee "Is that Moses? "Nope" I stated
"That is Joseph but close!!"fun printable that I want to color!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Free is FUN!

The local Ace Hardware hosted a "Woman's Nite"
at their shore. When seeing the invite it said free
prized and I didn't expect much.
I was super surprised at the whole event.
The event was catered w/ lovely food, they had a soda bar
and a hot coco bar. They stations set up to make darling crafts.
(Mine Below)
They had a local designer give a little class
on Christmas décor. I learned some good ideas and
saw some trendy cute ideas!

Also our local ACE is selling chalk paint from a local
company. Can't wait to try it!

My point being is. Free is fun!
Attend free events and set your
expectations  low and you'll always be impressed.

Local Eroupe!

The other night we had a family function in
Farmington @ the Farmington Station Park!
I am not one who loves to retail shop!
I do love to look around high end and fun retail
shops to see what is new and fun. This is the perfect place.
It is a mix between, The Gateway Mall, City Creek and
Las Vegas (Fountains) and a local park.
The streets look like a small town in Europe.
They have a park in the center that would be, and was
super fun for my favorite Theodore to play in.
They have a plastic skating rink in the winter.
Yummy Restaurants and LOADS of fun shopping.
While there they had a live band and a huge Bellagio
Fountain synchronized to music.
Go shop and enjoy this
closer to home mini vacation!
Happy Fall!! 

Book stack is back!!

Love the Forgotten Seamstress. Weeks before I had seen a
PBS documentary about how early Britain treated any mental illness
in asylums. It was super interesting and went hand in had w/ this book!  
The story was a real page turner!! I love the whole stack!
Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Free Blessings!

I love free stuff. I love free cute stuff even better!
Go get it and love it!!
Happy Fall!

Because today is rough...

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Yo to my peeps!!

Waring PBB212 Professional Bar Blender, Retro Green
I taught a class today.
My mind is like a blender when I speak.
I said a lotta stuff.
Here is some of the info again
incase you missed it the first time.
The product I add to my shower cleaner is Borax.
I use like a table spoon of borax
1 T or vinegar (white)
and 1 T of liquid dish soap.
My Friend NPS in SLC
"The scratch and dent store".
Is located @

Retail Store:

1600 S. Empire Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84104
M - F: 10 AM - 7 PM MST
Sat: 9 AM - 6 PM MST
Sun: Closed
Phone : 801-972-4132
BDO in Ogden is Located @
If you have questions, email or comment!!
Happy a Fall!!

Witches Party!

I attended a witches party!
Someone asked if I was the "Hambugler"
I was highly offended!
Happy Halloween!


vintage french mailbox
*I spoke at a funeral and was blessed w/ heavenly help.
*My nephew has to have chalk at all times.
He will often stop and chalk a message that only he understands.
*Some people are mean, no matter.
*I spoke today in a class and I only said 1/2 of what I wanted too.
*Youtube is my favorite pass time as of late.
*I love my wool slippers!
*At 1:26 on an early Thursday morning my sister called to
have me come up and watch her 2 year old while she had a new baby.
*I have never been so tired.
*Eli knocks on his bedroom door when he is ready to wake up and greet the world.
*Eli is pretty happy about just about everything.
* I taught him a turkey says "Gobble Gobble" cutest thing ever!
*I have eaten more left over Halloween then is needful.
Life is bountiful and hard!


I drive by this house on the way to my sisters.
I love it! I wonder who lived here.
I wonder where they were from.
I wonder if the land was wide open and w/ out fences
when they chose the spot over looking the Cache Valley.
I wonder if they looked out the window each day and saw the Temple
standing tall on a far off hill.
I wonder if children lived in this home.
Was this the nicest in the neighborhood?
Did they know I would admire their house even now?
I wonder.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pins that work!


I am not into Pintrest! Sad I know.
I do love a good hint or tip!
Here are some I have tired and have worked!
-Someone at work burnt something thing to death in the microwave
and left it to stink all weekend (rude). It is fowl.
Lemon in a bowl of water turned on for a minute
or two works wonders! (I should know I have tired everything!
-WD40 and a magic eraser and backing soda on
super duper cloudy head lights... makes them good as new!
-Clean you oven door grossness w/ cooking spray and a rag.
I warmed the oven a bit to make it glide off!!
What have you tried and know works?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


industrial lighting, steampunk, Edison Bulb

Every time I go get my oil changed they suggest
I get my headlights de fogged.

 This last time I nodded and asked how much it cost

36.00 the kid replied. I coughed and said 36 bucks is a lot of money
to me.  The kid looked at me like I was from another planet.
That night I saw a at home solution. I tried the tooth paste
idea w/ no result in the past.

This time I used a magic eraser, baking soda and WD-40.
Worked like a charm and the world is bright and new again!!
You can thank me later!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014


Exact Obedience = Miracles


Monday, September 29, 2014


Yesterday evening after a happy joy filled life.
One of my best friends went on to see her family and
her maker on the other side. The world will never be
the same, nor will I!
Merle Stander Christensen
(Merle w/ three brand new surprise triplets)
April 20, 1913- Sept 28, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My minds eye!

Today I went to a Ware House Sale
I had heard about on Face Book.
It was wild! I don't scrap book,
but I love creative projects! Oh and
I love that most stuff was less then a dollar!!
It was a bit overwhelming. Women were filling bags
for 50.00's a bag and it was WILD! It was like Bath and
Body over load. I hurried and paid and left w/ my life!
Next Year I'll give a heads up before the event!!


Thee I Adore

Silhouette Child & Dog #1 Unmounted Clear Polymer Stamp
My Nephew is almost 2.5 years old.
He loves to pretend. He is very verbal,
Has a quick wit and a great memory.
Today when I asked him for a hug he
reassured me that he would hug me later.
Later he jumped up on me and I picked him
up he wiggled a lot and hopped down.
He told me he was a very "wiggly" puppy and
it is hard to hold one to me!! Tis true.
He asked me to walk him to the park w/ a
leash hooked to the back of his shirt. I did!
The neighbors talked to my puppy
 and had him do tricks on the way.
1/2 way to the park Theodore
pointed out the yellow leaves
and told me
"The leaves turn yellow, fall to the ground and
then it will be winter time
w/ lots of snow and we can sled!"
While walking home from
 the park Theodore called me "Daddy"!
I said "I am not daddy" giggling"
 He looked at me for a minute and said
w/ a totally straight face. "Did I call you Elba?" (My sister)
"I am sorry I didn't mean to call you Elba!!"
We stopped a few more times so that
Theodore the dog could morph into Theodore
the Grasshopper!  He would stand
right at my feet look me in
the eye and Jump Jump Jump,
Then he'd go back to being a dog!
Upon arriving home the doggy drank a bowl of water
on the floor and then got his nails clipped!
We all know doggies need their nails clipped!
A chore that needed to be done but is hated! Little boy's hate to
have their nails trimmed but dog's do it well!
What a happy day! I was reminded of the joy of
Childhood!, That little baby boys pee on their
diaper changers. Sir Topham Hatt is still
alive and well in a train station in England.
A ten cent  used coloring book can make a
small boy exclaim "OH MY!"
A box of mommy's nursing pads
can be a very hard concept to grasp, when
nursing pads and mouse traps sound the same to tiny ears.
Spit up happens when a tiny tummy is filled
to the brim w/ warm milk!
Happy Fall!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Book stack


Loved all these book (didn't love the third down really).
A sisters in Zion is a second time read, and I'll read it again
I'm sure!! What are you reading?
Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

*My brother is building a house (above) for his little family!
*I saw a duck that hit a car today while on the freeway!
*When my nephew tells stories he says then in
a fake laugh voice. It is so funny!
*I love open window weather!
*I love when my nephew told his mama,
"I saw a monster and it made me squill" .
*I will be sad to see all the produce from the
garden and the trees stop!
*It gets dark early lately!
Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Peach Days 2014

*Peach Days isn't fun w/ out kids.
When I was a child Peach Days was like Christmas!
*Peach Days is hot and crowded.
*I see lots of people I know and even some I wish I didn't!
*I made my free floral arrangement. Love!
*I told my nephew a carousal was coming by my house.
He said "You should ride it Auntie!"
I didn't!
Happy Peach Days!


When I was maybe about seven, I got
a little wooden money bank for Christmas.
It was very cute and had a tiny key.
I loved that bank and thought about
it often even a few month ago I was thinking about it!
Imagine my surprise when I found my
bank's twin for seventy five cents!!
It was LOVE at first sight!
My little bank was Hansel and Gretel,
but my word it looked a lot like The Little Rd Ridding Hood
I found. My mind and mostly lost the details of my bank
but upon seeing this lovely it all came back to me.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


B. Kershisnik -
I am overwhelmed by the peace and comfort a
freshly made, tiny baby brings!
I am excited for the new life and the
trust that Heavenly Father has in the world!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Today while holding my 3 day old darling teeny tiny
nephew I asked his brother Theodore (2) to
hand me a magazine. He kindly gave me
a magazine and then looked at me strangely.
When I opened it to look at Theodore commented
 "Auntie he (the baby) can't read!"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thrift store haul.

I came home w/ some fantastic finds this weekend.
And I spent time w/ one of my favorite tiny's!
Less the 10 dollars for everything!!
Stamp'n up craft kit .75
Bea YOU tiful sign ..75
Iron wand 6.00 (It retails for 80.00 so I thought it was worth a try
I can re-sale if it is a dud!)


Darling pink and white string .50.
I also found a Bitty American Girl doll of a song.
She was bathing during the photo shoot.
I will be looking for a very sweet family
to adopt her!

* I saw a man run full on into a plate glass window thinking it was a door. Bummer!
*My nephew, laid some eggs, stood on the porch and tired to sell pretend
lollipops and chemical's to yard saler's!
*When sitting on the couch and wishing him farwell,
I asked for a kiss and a hug. He laid on the floor and
answered "Come down here Auntie" while making kissy
*I found a tiny roadside stand offering a table full of free table produce.
I loved it!
* I went to a fun baby shower. No games, no weird party ice brakers.
Just good eats and lots of fun conversations!!
I am loving the cooler weather!!
"It is beginning to feel a lot like peach days!!"